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Simple Food @ Tampines (The Food)

Posted by icyelite on September 17, 2008

In my opinion, I would still prefer Roma Deli as compared to Simple Food due to the ambience in Roma Deli. The first time I went to Simple Food, I take away lagsana for dinner. To my dismay, I brought back a sour-taste lagsana. I called them back to “complain”, they suggested for one-to-one exchange. But I rejected because I had already reached home with a hungry stomach, no more energy to go change again when I still need to take 2 buses to get there.

Despite this scenario, it didn’t stop me from visiting them. However, I was resisted to order lagsana again. Other foods like chicken chop and such, which is freshly cooked, should not have this problem unless they did not keep the mock meats in the fridge.

The 2nd time I visited them, I lunched in together with my cousins. Simple food has a special offer menu. They had a standard set meal that comes with a drink, soup of the day and main course. I ordered a set meal with vegetarian seafood chicken chop as my course. The soup of the day is creamy mushroom soup, which tastes quite bland and watery. I feel that my creamy mushroom soup is thicker than theirs just that mine is not creamy.

Take a look at the food I had ordered on my following visits to Simple Food:

Special Offer Menu Soup of the Day
Seafood Fish Chop Hawaiian Fish Chop
Baked Rice Mango Salad

The different flavors of fish chops are something which Roma Deli did not provide. So if you wish to eat some western food, you can go to Simple Food. In fact, Simple Food sells cai fan that you can order dishes and eat together with rice. In addition, they are selling Zi Char like hokkien mee, fried bee hoon, etc.

Read Simple Food @ Tampines (Introduction & The Shop) again.


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Simple Food (Introduction & The Shop)

Posted by icyelite on September 17, 2008

Simple Food is another foodstore that sells oriental, western and italian cuisine just like Roma Deli. As compared to Roma Deli, Simple Food’s ambience is like a coffeeshop. Simple Food serves more variety of food in the menu as compared to Roma Deli. Price wise, both are on par. In addition to the western food served like Roma Deli, I think they served chinese Zi Char food too.

Address: Blk 462 Tampines St 44 #01-64 Singapore 520462
Telephone: 65 6782 6142
Email: contact@simplefood.com.sg
Operating Hours
:Tue to Fri. 08.30am-09.30pm
Sat & Sun. 09.00am-10.00pm
Open on alternate Monday, on every public holiday, and on every 1st & 15th day of Chinese calendar.
Website: www.simplefood.com.sg

Simple Food is not near to any MRT station. The nearest MRT station is Tampines MRT and you need to take a feeder bus before you can reach the destination. Simple Food is located diagonally opposite the side of Tampines JC, this landmark is easy for you to locate Simple Food.

Front outlook of the shop Posters pasted on the wall

The outlook of the shop looks just like a coffeeshop. First glance, the front view of the shop is decorated with the menu on top. At the side of the walls, it has been pasted with posters all around.

Continue reading Simple Food @ Tampines (The Food).

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Piao Xiang Vegetarian @ Fortune Centre

Posted by icyelite on September 15, 2008

Piao Xiang Vegetarian is a very old stall. I had always tagged along with them to their new location.  Last time, they were located at bedok coffeeshop. Their new location is at Fortune Centre, Bugis now. Everytime I visit the stall, there are always alot of people.

Address: Fortune Centre Level 2, go up from the escalator and turn left

Piao Xiang Vegetarian is known for their zi char. In the past, Xing Zhou Bee Hoon, Hong Kong noodles are their signature dishes in my opinion. Till now, these are still their signature dishes. Today, they came up with new dishes like Claypot rice, Nasi Bryani and Baked rice. Well, I hadn’t got the chance to try all their new dishes yet.

Andy tried their Claypot rice today, his comments is “it tastes normal”. I guess claypot rice is still new to them, so not as good as other places yet. More improvements to be done.

Ever since Piao Siang moved to fortune centre, the food initially tastes as good as before. However, recently, I realised there is a drop in their standard. Nowadays, the food tastes salty, feedbacks were given to the store owner and he mentioned that there was a change in the chef. Well, last time, the foods were cooked by the store owner himself. I guess he’s near the retirement age, he wishes to pass it on to someone else to cook while he stays in the frontline tending to the customers’ needs, easier job.

Last time, I used to like their Bak Kut Teh. The smell of mushroom and the amount of pepper in it tastes superb. It tastes like they had boiled the soup for a very very long time. But now, it no longer have the strong smell, only smell of pepper. The Bak Kut Teh doesn’t taste as nice as last time too.

Alright, it wasn’t really too bad comments for them, overall their food is still quite good. For instance, their Hong Kong Noodles, Mee goreng, etc still tastes as nice. Do visit them if you pass by.

Pictures of the food that I had ordered before:

Mee Goreng Claypot Rice

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Eight Immortals Vegetarian

Posted by icyelite on June 18, 2008

Eight Immortals Vegetarian Pte Ltd (Ba Xian) is a popular foodstall by most of the vegetarians. There are many outlets in Singapore. However, one bad point is that most of the outlets are located at the west of the Singapore.

Here is the name card I got from one of the outlets, Bukit Batok.

  1. Restaurant – Blk 721 West Coast Road beside Chinese Temple/C.O
  2. Restaurant Arena Country Club – Upper Jurong Road (opposite Safti Camp)
  3. Boon Lay MRT – JUrong POint level 3 foodcourt
  4. Lakeside MRT – Boon Lay Place Blk 221 Coffeeshop (24hrs)
  5. Boon Lay MRT – Jurong West Blk 638A Poineer Mall L1 Foodcourt
  6. Jurong West Blk 964 Coffeeshop
  7. Bukit Batok MRT – Bukit Batok Blk 632 Coffeeshop
  8. Outram Park MRT – SGH Hospital Level 1 foodcourt
  9. Woodlands MRT – Causeway Point Level 5 foodcourt (Halal)
  10. Sembawang MRT – Sun Plaza Level 3 foodcourt
  11. Toa Payoh MRT – Toa Payoh HDB Hub Level 2 foodcourt
  12. Tampines MRT – Tampines Mall Level 4 foodcourt
  13. Little India MRT – KK Hospital Level 1 foodcourt
  14. Ang Mo Kio MRT – AMK Hub Level 3 foodcourt
  15. Novena MRT – Tan Tock Seng Hospital Level 1 foodcourt
  16. City Hall MRT – Suntec Basement foodcourt
  17. Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre Coffeeshop
  18. Sengkang MRT – Riverville Mall Level 2 foodcourt
  19. Sengkang MRT – Compass Point Level 4 foodcourt
  20. Bishan MRT – Junction 8 Level 4 foodcourt
  21. Clarke Quay MRT – Great World City Level B1 foodcourt
  22. HarbourFront MRT – Sentosa Palawan Beach foodcourt

Although all outlets belongs to Eight Immortals Vegetarian, but every outlets has different chef and definitely the food may taste slightly different. In fact, I would only say the food at Eight Immortals Vegetarian are average. One plus point is that they happen to place their outlets at strategic locations where you can’t find any single vegetarian stalls at that place.

The outlet I visited most is the one at Bukit Batok. I always like to order their special meal for the day. They had lor mee, mee siam, yang rou mian, etc. A special meal each day and it repeats each week. Will take more pictures of the food that I had ordered next time.

Some foods that I had ever ordered:

Lor Mee

Comments/opinions on the food that I had tried before:

  • Lor Mee from Bukit Batok MRT – had additional 2 dumplings on that day because auntie said some ingredients has finished and I had 2 eggs too. It looks good that I had good ingredients but to my dismay, the lor mee was quite salty that I couldn’t finish the food at all.

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Happy Arts Deli @ Simei Metta School (Introduction)

Posted by icyelite on June 15, 2008

Happy Arts Deli is now the only vegetarian food stall cum restaurant you can find in Simei. In the past, there are alot of vegetarian stalls at Eastpoint foodcourt or the coffee shops near the MRT. But the stalls opens and closes fast. I guess there aren’t enough vegetarians at Simei. So if you are a vegetarian, do come and support Happy Arts Deli, to keep it opened. Nowadays, if my family has any special occasions, we would visit them.

Serves delicious dishes catering to Asian tastes!!

Address: Metta Building 32 Simei Street 1 Singapore 529950
Tel: 65804611 or 65804634
Fax: 65804693

Business hours: Open daily from 7:30am to 9pm

How to go there:

  • By bus – Bus number 9, 12 and 38
  • By car – you can park your car at the metta building allocated carpark
  • By MRT – take train to Simei MRT station and walk about 15 minutes. If you do not know the way, ask people around you, they will be able to guide you. Else you can take bus 38 opposite Eastpoint and alight at the 4th stop

The restaurant/stall is self-service. This is how the ordering process goes:

  1. Go to the counter/ cashier, look at the menu.
  2. Decide on your dishes, the person at the counter will write down on a small piece of paper.
  3. The paper is passed to the cashier and you had to paid in full.
  4. The cashier wrote down a number on the receipt.
  5. Take note of the number written on the receipt, and you will be called when your food is ready. Take note of the call number machine whenever it rings.
  6. While waiting, collect your own utensils/chilli/soup from the table beside the fridge.
  7. Collect your food from the counter beside the cashier.
  8. You are ready to enjoy your food.

Pictures of the foods I had ordered before:

Free Soup provided daily
Lemon Chicken
Claypot Tofu Broccoli and Mushroom
Pineapple Fried Rice Tom Yam Bee Hoon Soup
Hor Fun with gravy

Comments/opinions on the foods that I had tried before:

  • Free soup: not sure what soup this is called. They cooked it with yellow/soy beans, red dates, old cucumber and gou qi zi. Lol, guess its old cucumber soup.
  • Lemon Chicken: the first time I tried the lemon chicken is very nice. Subsequently, it may not taste as nice because they had dipped the vegetarian chicken in the flour before deep frying. But the taste of the lemon sauce is nice.
  • Claypot Tofu: this is nice, with a mixture of all types of vegetables. Mainly the button mushroom, white cabbage, carrots, capsicums, black mu er and of cos, the tofu. The gravy of this dish tastes good to eat along with rice.
  • Broccoli and Mushroom: the broccoli has been boiled till suitable texture. Not too soft nor too hard, just nice, it tastes crunchy. The gravy goes well with rice too.
  • Kailan with Cai Po and seaweed: the first time I tried this dish, it is very oily. Usually when you eat vegetables, you won’t feel sick of it, but this dish is so oily that even my parents feels sick of it. I only enjoyed the cai po and seaweed only. Oh yah, they did not chop the vegetables into smaller stalks, so you will be eating the whole stalk like it has not been processed.
  • Pineapple Fried Rice: this is nice especially its garnished with vegetarian pork floss, it further enhances the taste. They cooked it with mixed beans and pineapples. Do take note if you do not like the mixed beans, you might have trouble separating them.
  • Tom Yam Bee Hoon Soup: spicy and sour, so do take note if you do not dare to take spicy food. Otherwise, this is quite nice, tom yam makes you have appetite for other food.
  • Hor Fun with gravy: a no-no food which I wouldn’t recommend. Its oily and the color of the dish is not nice. I only eat abit and feel sick about it. After eating this hor fun, I realized that they used alot of can foods such as button mushroom, “fresh” mushroom, abalone mushroom, all are can foods.

To take note:

  • The chef’s standards do vary at times. Today, the food you order may taste different as the one you ordered the last time you visit them.
  • The drinks sold at the stall is expensive. I would advise you to buy drinks from the vending machine outside the restaurant instead.
  • They offer free soups everyday. If it is still available, you can take as many bowls as you want. There won’t be any refill of the soup when it is finished.
  • You can don’t order soups if there is free soups available, but if you don’t like the soups, order it yourself.
  • If there are only 4 people eating, a small bowl of soups is sufficient, unless you wanna drink alot of soups.

Read Happy Arts Deli @ Simei Metta School (Daily Special) again.

Last updated: 30th June 2008

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