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First week at Work

Posted by icyelite on July 25, 2008

Today marks the end of my first week at work. Oh well, saw alot of new faces, some I can remember the face but not the name, some I know the name but don’t know who is who. But I can say they are all quite friendly and it takes abit of time for me to be closer with them and have more interaction.

On my first day of work, I received a big news from my boss and that is there will be a management change as of 1st August. My name will be virtually transferred to another company’s name. Omg, my friends were asking “Did they cheat you to go in?” The answer is I doubt because my fellow colleagues were affected too. This news doesn’t impact me alot or rather, I did not think far and the consequences of the future. I am still in the mood of adjusting to my new workplace and learning new stuffs.

So what have I been doing for the whole week? Basically, its only reading documentations, attending all types of briefing about the organization. But most of the time is still reading documentations, haha, sometimes I read till wanna fall asleep. So dry and it is a super outdated document which is documented on FY 1997. 10 years ago!!! I can’t find the function that I want, I can’t find the correct way of using the system. I guess just read through for the moment, until my senior guides me along.

This organization teaches us to have a work-life balance. So they had alot of activities for us to join. My colleagues asked me to join them for jogging. Their jogging isn’t for leisure, they ran about 10km.  Oh gosh, how can they ask someone who hasn’t been jogging for so many years? Haha.. I will be breathless chasing after them. Another colleague asked me to join her for gardening. I like the flowers, but I don’t like worms.

Lol. I guess I will tag along with them for these activities when I’m closer with them. Or maybe next week, because I am still adapting to the new workplace. 🙂

Oh yah, take a look at the mini pantry that is just right behind me. Lol. Although it seems like there are alot of foods, if you can see clearly, there are alot of empty containers too. There are pros and cons for a mini pantry to be right behind me. Pros: Just turn behind, I can eat whatever I want. Cons: Everybody who comes to take some snacks can see what I am doing at my workstation. >_< No Privacy.


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