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Meaningful Church Wedding

Posted by icyelite on November 24, 2008

On 15 November 2008, this is the second time I had attended a wedding held in the church, the second wedding I had attended for the year 2008 too. As compared to the weddings that I had attended so far, this is the most meaningful, most “thanks” said and a touching one. I felt touched and amazed during the 2.5 hours sitting in Fairfield Methodist Church.

I reached Fairfield Methodist Church at 10.30am with my family members. Oh yah, fyi, I am actually attending my cousin’s wedding. The door gift given by the newly wed is a traditional “xi” word – double happiness(囍). But if you look at it carefully, you can see that it has 2 robots design imprinted on it. Why 2 robots? That’s because my cousin and wife recognized himself as a robot, someone whom is “woody”, don’t know how to express his feelings well.

Its free seating inside the hall. Due to the late arrival, the best seats in front were all taken up, leaving with no choice, we filled up the last 2 rows of the hall. Alright, the whole event started with the arrival of the bride lead in by a cute flower girl. At this moment, I can see my cousin (the bridegroom) is very nervous. The march in was accompanied by “I finally found someone” as the background music.

1st on stage, there were singers singing praises to the Lord and thanking lord. In my own opinion, the female lead singer had done a good job and she has a very nice voice. She had led the guests to sing wonderfully, even the newly wed were singing along too. Just like watching Singapore Idol, there were some hand gestures by the singer. Oh yah, they even have those “pei ying” people singing near the back of the stage.

2nd is shown on the screen. Looking at the newly wed’s pictures from young till now. They did an  interview of the couple saying how they met each other, how did their love blossoms. I think this idea is quite fresh to me, its just like watching some documentary/variety show on tv? Lol.

3rd on stage is the pastor teaching the newly wed how to have a long lasting marriage. The pastor begins with introducing the nature of the couple, followed by L.O.V.E. It seems that the pastor has known the couple for a very long time, he managed to say my cousin’s characters and catered the LOVE advise specially for him. What does LOVE means to the newly wed? Below is a brief meaning of what the pastor had said:

L – Learn to trust/love each other. A kiss, a hug, a small gift for each other a day will show your love to each other.
O – Ownership of roles. Remember your role as a husband/wife. Wife to have respect for your husband. Husband to be loyal, faithful and take care of everything being the household of the family.
V – Value each other.
E – Entering into Jesus life.

The speech given by the pastor is in english and mandarin. This teaches the old couples and the newly wed to cherish their marriage and how to have a lovely, long lasting marriage.

After the couple had been announced husband and wife, performances start. The newly wed’s friends compose a song for them thanking them for all the things they (newly wed) had done for them. The newly wed showed a video of the proposal process. The bridegroom spent so much effort and money, he actually fly to to penang and proposed to his wife. Lol, some of us may think its so romantic and brave of the bridegroom to suddenly propose to the bride in the shopping centre in front of everyone. But look in the other way, the bridegroom has proposed to her in such an unromantic place/timing. The bride is caught in surprise because she was at the counter paying for clothes. Lol. But I guess she is still very happy and shock at the same time.

The most interesting part of the performance is singing and dancing performed by the bridegroom to the bride. Its a surprise for the bride. The bridegroom sang “今天你要嫁给我” and danced for her. I can see the effort put in by the bridegroom, he must have spent alot of time practisng this dance, together with his dancers. Looking at this scene, I felt so touched, the bridegroom is willing to do anything for the bride, doesn’t it seems romantic? How can the pastor still say tat he is not romantic?

Another touching scene is the newly wed giving speech about thanking their parents, for bringing them up and still love them no matter what they did. Small gifts/bouquets and ang bao were presented to their parents. You can feel that they were really sincere in thanking their parents. I even saw some of the guests crying.

My impression for the whole morning is terrific. Lol, till that day did I realized that my cousin is such a good singer and someone who is romantic rather than robotic. Someone who is outspoken and goes all out to make it a very special and memorable day for everyone and especially for himself and his wife.


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Vegetarian Wedding Dinner Prepared by Fo You Yuan Vegetarian

Posted by icyelite on November 16, 2008

The dinner is cooked by Fo You Yuan vegetarian from Geylang. The bridegroom had booked the ballroom and asked Fo You Yuan vegetarian to go there cook. I believe Fo You Yuan had moved all their culteries to the country club and prepare their food.

Let’s see what’s in the menu for today?

  1. Fortune Five Vegetarian Cold Dish
  2. Vegetarian Shark’s Fin Soup
  3. Spinach with 2 Types of Mushroom
  4. Vegetarian Lucky Trotters
  5. Lotus Duck
  6. Fried Vegetarian Chicken with Cashew Nuts
  7. Vegetarian Golden Pig
  8. Fried Rice with Lotus Leaf
  9. Yam Paste with Gingko Nut

Pictures of each dish:

Apettizer Fortune Five Vegetarian Cold Dish
Vegetarian Shark’s Fin Soup Spinach with 2 Types of Mushroom
Vegetarian Lucky Trotters Lotus Duck – when it first came
Lotus Duck – opened Fried Vegetarian Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Vegetarian Golden Pig Fried Rice with Lotus Leaf
Fried Rice with Lotus Leaf – in a bowl Yam Paste with Gingko Nut

Comments on the foods:

  • Appetizer – the appetizer is a cruchy, salty fish. Tastes and smells nice
  • Fortune Five Vegetarian Cold Dish – Nothing really special that I would want to comment about the food, its the same as any other cold plate
  • Vegetarian Shark’s Fin Soup – the shark fin has used “Dao Ki” as the main ingredient. Tastes not bad, but the picture looks abit oily
  • Spinach with 2 Types of Mushroom – there are 2 types of mushrooms in this dish. Overall, this dish tastes salty
  • Vegetarian Lucky Trotters – decorated with coropok, a good idea
  • Lotus Duck – the lotus duck when it came, it was nicely wrapped up. When we opened it up, we saw so many lotus seeds. Too many that we feel sick of it. If you noticed, the wrapped skin is made of “Dao ki” too
  • Fried Vegetarian Chicken with Cashew Nuts – this is a special one. The ingredients are fried veg chicken with cashew nuts, same as what you can find in Yam Ring. But instead of putting it in yam ring, they put inside a bowl shape popiah. The bowl is made of popiah skin and deep fried it, this is a good idea too. The skin tastes so crispy
  • Vegetarian Golden Pig – the best among all dishes. Even the bridgegroom’s mum says its a must eat, don’t miss this dish. Indeed its really good. Using lettuce to wrap the crispy vegetarian pig and cucumber, glazed it with sweet sauce. Yum yum
  • Fried Rice with Lotus Leaf – By the time, we had this dish, we were all full. We thought having noodles is better than rice. Rice makes us even more full. I can really smell the lotus leaf in my bowl of rice
  • Yam Paste with Gingko Nut – this is the worse though it may looks good. It tastes sour for my table, plus it is too watery. I thought it should taste sticky and sweet?

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Vegetarian Wedding Dinner @ Orchid Country Club

Posted by icyelite on November 16, 2008

I had attended another wedding dinner this year. Why are so many people getting married now? Just this year, I guess I will be attending 4 weddings. Omg, gonna have a big hole in my pocket.

This time, I attended the wedding dinner in replace of my dad, he is busy so my mum got me to join her for the dinner. Oh well, orchid country club is super far from my home, luckily my mum’s friend who is attending the dinner too is driving there. So we managed to hitch a free ride.

Country club, so certain standards need to be in place. It looks grand, big and beautiful. The cost of booking the ballroom must be very expensive too, hopefully I’m not too casually dressed.

Since my mum’s friend is also a vegetarian, the family had all their food vegetarian-ed. It means its a full vegetarian wedding, unlike my friends’ wedding, usually I’m the odd one out at my table. This time, everybody is having the same dishes, all vegetarian.

My impression of this wedding dinner:

Everyone is not super well-dressed except for relatives and some close friends. The rest were wearing presentably.

During the dinner, the bride is a pre-school teacher, so she had arranged a variety of events for the guests. At the start, she had her students perform for us by dancing. 2 dances, one of the songs is Barbie. The kids are well prepared, they had their props like sunglasses, scarfs for actions. I’m amazed, this is my first time seeing someone asking their students to perform at a wedding dinner. Won’t their parents mind? They are only 5 years old kids.

From the start of the wedding, there’s always background music which catches my attention. First half of the wedding is english songs and second half is chinese duet songs. I think it would be better if they can mix the english and chinese songs together. While they are playing the english songs, I keep trying to figure out what’s the title of the song so that I can get the songs from my friends.

The songs that they had played:

  • English
    • From this moment – 1st march in
    • I finally found someone
    • I knew I love you before I meet you
    • Take my breath away
    • I just call to say I love you
    • Right here waiting
    • etc
  • Chinese
    • 屋顶
    • 男人女人
    • 恋爱频率
    • 你最珍贵
    • 今天你要嫁给我 – their 2nd march in. This is a hot popular song for weddings now
    • etc

I can only remember some of the songs. There are more to this list of songs.

During their second march-in, they are like president surveying the grounds of army. The couples came in a mini lorry that the president used when inspecting the army. The mini lorry is similar to those use in the country club or rather golf club that can transport people from one place to another, not sure what is the correct name though.

In the midst of the second half of the dinner, the couples still had their MC to throw questions to the the guests. Questions like what song is used for the children dance just now, which kindergarten is the bride from? What are the chinese names of the newly wed? Etc.. This is interesting, getting your guests to know more about you. Oh yah, you need to have a pair of very active and enthusiatic MC to make the event more lively.

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Peony Jade Restaurant

Posted by icyelite on July 27, 2008

I went to attend my cousin’s ROM reception at Peony Jade Restaurant. He had specially ordered a table of pure vegetarian food for us prepared by Peony Jade Restaurant. Pure vegetarian meaning no onion, no garlic, no alcohol in the food and the cutlery used to cook our food is separate from those that has been used to cook meat.

Having a wedding lunch reception prepared by Peony Jade, I would expect that the food weren’t be as nice. After attending several wedding dinners at different hotels, it leaves me an impression that the foods prepared by non-vegetarians chefs are not as nice as real vegetarian chefs. However, Peony Jade changes my mindset that day.

What’s in the list for the vegetarian menu?

  1. Vegetarian Combination Delight
  2. Braised Fungus & Golden Mushroom Soup
  3. Pan-Fried Vegetarian Cod Fish with Soya Sauce
  4. Deep Fried Chicken with Fruit Sauce
  5. Stewed Vegetarian Abalone & Bailing Mushroom
  6. Stir-Fried Vegetarian Venison with Black Pepper Sauce
  7. Sauteed Vegetarian Prawns with Special Sauce
  8. Fried Empress Noodles with Vegetarian Goose
  9. Chilled Mango with Pomelo Sauce
Braised Fungus & Golden Mushroom Soup

One of the recommended dish from above is Braised Fungus & Golden Mushroom Soup which is commonly known as Shark Fin Soup.  The main ingredients are white fungus, golden mushroom and water chestnuts. Instead of cutting the ingredients into stripes like a shark fin, they diced it into very small pieces. Chewy and tasty soup.

Another recommended dish is their dessert. The dessert is chilled mango with pomelo sauce. It’s a thick mango puree with pomelo and abit of pomelo sauce. This is unlike other places where I had tried before, it is very watery and the pomelo sauce is too much that I find it sour. That day, the dessert is served cold that makes you shivers abit when you put inside your mouth. In addition, it tastes sweet instead of sour.

Yum yum delicious food. One of the cons is the dishes served does not have vegetables at all. All are mock meats. I wasn’t able to take picture of the food this time because a plate of food is shared by everyone instead of served individually, it will be rude of me to take picture before everyone can start eating.

The utensils used are also different from what I had usually see. The shapes of the plates and the unique colors of the plates. In addition, they are using a pebble as a stand for the chopsticks.

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Rich & Good Cake Shop – Part 6 (Others)

Posted by icyelite on July 9, 2008

Rich & Good Cake Shop not only sells swiss rolls but they sell alot of other things like puffs, pineapple tarts, almond biscuits and birthday cake if you saw it in the price list. These additional items that was mentioned in the price list, I didn’t see it in the shop that day. I was wondering is it because it is a saturday and they usually do not display these additional on the shelves or you have to place order in advance before they will bake it, in other words, special order?

I read that Rich & Good Cake Shop also cater for baby-one-month celebrations and weddings. However, the things that comes to my mind is what are they catering for the baby-one-month and wedding? For Chinese, usually the cakes sent out for baby-one-month celebrations and weddings are those traditional cakes. Does Rich & Good Cake Shop bakes traditional cakes too? Or are they using swiss rolls to replace the traditional cakes?

In addition, if you read carefully in the price list given by Rich & Good Cake Shop, they actually sell birthday cake – 1kg for $35. Same issue comes to my mind too. Is the birthday cake going to be similar to how swiss roll is baked? This time is round shaped like normal birthday cake instead of being rolled up. Do they have those pretty pictures or designs on the birthday cake? Lol. Alot of questions just appear in my mind.

If you are interested in buying all these additional items, maybe you can call up and check with them. I believe the shop owner will be more glad to answer your doubts.

Coming to the last point of the whole Rich & Good Cake Shop, I believe that the swiss rolls will be a good gift for your friends, family and relatives. They are placed inside a peach-colored presentable box. However, the main issue that concerns me about the packaging is the carrier given. That day, I was given normal plastic bag to put my boxes of swiss rolls which may not be as presentable if you want to give out immediately to your friends. I am not sure if the shop has a nicer paper bag, if they have it, this would be the best.

I hope the posts on Rich & Good Cake Shop will benefits people who are interested to find out more about them. But do note that above all are my opinions and reviews of the shop, I may have a totally different perception as you. 🙂

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