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Few more days to Taiwan..

Posted by icyelite on April 20, 2010

Just few more days to Taiwan but the vegetarian places I found doesn’t seems to be near to where I’m going to. Most of the places needs to travel by bus, quite a distance away from the MRT.

Most of the places found are restaurant style, seldom see any stores that are located at hawker centres (or maybe those are found in hawker centre won’t even have a link in the internet).

Had been browsing the forums and there are raves about the modern toilet restaurant, cafe grazie and tamogoya (egg-themed restaurant). These are not vegetarian restaurants but they do have at least 1 or 2 vegetarian dishes. So if you are visiting these places with your friends and you are not a very strict vegetarian, you won’t be hungry.

Anyway, here’s the link of the vegetarian places I had found so far (mainly focus on Taipei):

While browsing through the above links, it seems that most of the stores had buffet and you pay by how much you take (calculate by weight). I still have a big question mark about these places, whether the food is without onion/garlic, are the food really suitable for vegetarians, etc.  I also need to find out the exact location of it and whether it is near to where I’m visiting.  But I hope these helps for those who are going to Taipei.

Begins to start praying hard that I won’t need to eat breads and cup noodles everyday. Hope to find the restaurants above.


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Planning Taiwan Itinerary

Posted by icyelite on March 16, 2010

About 1 more month time before I depart for Taiwan. This is the first time  I’m traveling overseas with Andy.  Everything is free and easy, so we need to plan our itinerary ourselves. Will be taking Jetstar (with extra leg space) and staying at TS Hotel @ Ximending.

Of cos! Our itinerary will include eating at vegetarian stores, which I will review abit though I might not have the chance to visit the place again.  But for those who are traveling there, you can consider those places.

Planning of our 7 days 6 nights “深度之旅” and searching of vegetarian stores begins now…

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