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My new spectacles

Posted by icyelite on May 28, 2008

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This is my new spectacles. How is it? I guess this is my 4th pair of spectacles since I first wore during secondary school.

No pictures of my old spectacles but from what I can remember. My first pair of spectacles is with silver frame, that time the fashion trend was still having quite a big shape frame. Haha, so you can imagine how orbiang I am that time. That’s why during sec sch, I only wear it when I can’t see in class. If I remember correctly, this spectacle only last me for Sec 1 to Sec 2.

My second pair of spectacles is with dull silver frame. I wore it from Sec 3 onwards. But during poly times, I wore contact lens more, cos I find this spectacle is still very orbiang and wearing contact lens is more trendy at that period of time. In fact, getting this color is abit copy from my friend. Whenever its time to make new spectacles, I would look around at my friends’ spectacles. Look at their design and the color of their spectacles, imagining whether it will suits me.

3rd Spectacles

My third pair of spectacles is more fashionable this time. Its red in color, frameless and with a super light weight. Its so light that I always hangs it at my necklace and people will keep asking, won’t the weight of the spectacle makes your necklace break? Haha, I smiled and say nope! I made this spectacle at Poh Lay’s friend’s shop, Ah Teo. It costs me $100 which is much more cheaper than other places. Ah Teo recommended me this design and my cousins encourage me to try it, commenting that since I’m now studying at Uni, should look more fashionable. This is my first time trying something so different from my usual dull and boring style. Oh yah, for people who knows me well, I am always in a lok kok style wherever I go, regardless of school, tampines area or even orchard. Haha, and this is the history of my third spectacle. Now Ah Teo’s shop is closed due to poor business, so I gotta find another place.

I love this spectacle alot and it lasted me throughout my university days. Until the very last day of sch/exam, I went to bangkok for holiday and this spectacle declared spoil. The joining of the left wing is broken due to wear and tear of the plastic frame. Feels so sad but lucky I brought contact lens there, else I will be straining my eyes while shopping.

Enough of my spectacles histories. This is my 2nd pair of spectacles that is frameless, black color on the outside and white with red stripes inside for the joints. Since its frameless, it needs to use a special type of glass to make my lens instead of plastic, else it will breaks easily. When I wanted to make frameless, the uncle keep telling me its very fragile. But I keep telling him that I want frameless, cos I’m used to it already, then did he release me from trying the full frame and half frame spectacles. Trying a full frame, half frame and no frame, I guess no frame still suits me better or is it really because I am used to it? Cos I like the previous spectacle alot, I requested the uncle to make the same shape of the lens for me too. Although the result is having same shape but with a bigger size lens.

Damage of this spectacles is SGD 130. When I collect my spectacles, I was stunned to see such an authentic casing that came along with the spectacle. Doesn’t it looks like what my mum would like? A heavy casing with floral carvings over the whole box. I always tell the rest that if it dropped onto your leg, you will be shouting ouch very loud. lol

Authentic Spectacle Casing

Hope this new spectacle will bring good luck for a new start. 🙂


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