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Four Seasons Durian – Mini Durian Puffs

Posted by icyelite on August 10, 2008

For the past two weeks, Eastpoint has setup several foodstalls at the main lobby, level one in participation of Food Festival 2008.

Four Seasons is one of the foodstalls set up. They are selling their famous durian and the all time favorites of Singaporeans.

Four Seasons – Mini Durian Puffs

I bought 1 box of mini durian puffs back, it costs around $9 to $10 (can’t remember the exact price). The durian puff is just like eating a real durian. The taste and smell of the durian is very strong with an additional of mini puff to eat.

When you just buy it, it can last around 2 hours outside fridge temperature. If you are not going to eat it anyday soon, put it inside the freezer, it can last you longer for days or even weeks. Eating the durian is delicious, however, when you put inside the fridge and open the fridge, it will produce a “leaking gas” smell.

Mini durian puffs is not the only pastry that four seasons has created. They had made used of durian to make a variety of durian pastries. Buy one box of mini durian puffs back if you happen to see one.


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