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Pu Ti Shu Shi @ Tampines Blk 137

Posted by icyelite on June 15, 2008

Pu Ti Shu Shi is located at tampines blk 137, the round market. In the morning, the round market has alot of people. Last time, when I was young, my parents used to bring me to the round market for breakfast. The only store that we frequent is Pu Ti Shu Shi.

Address: Blk 137 Tampines New Town Street 11 #01-30 Singapore 521137

In the morning, the food stall does not have much variety, there are only 2 types that I can remember. They are selling vegetarian bee hoon, that you can served together either with curry or with gravy or plain. When you take away the bee hoon, the stall owner is still using their own designed meal box, with their stall information printed on it. It is made of styrofoam that you need to use rubber bands to close it properly, definitely gravy will leaked out if you did not take it properly.

In addition, they are selling kway chap, which is my favorite. I would recommend you to eat kway chap there than to take away. Eat it while it is still hot and you can see that the stall owner actually added alot of dark soy sauce in it. It is so obvious that your kway becomes dark-colored very fast. Eat along with some chili, wooh, best combination. Kway Chap is not available on weekends and on 1st and 15th of the Lunar calendar.

In the afternoon or coming to afternoon, they will be selling some cooked foods and they will cooked it on the spot. They are closed at night.

Some pictures:

Their Styrofoam Box Delicious Kway Chap

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Paragon Market Place

Posted by icyelite on June 8, 2008

Paragon Market Place is situated at Paragon basement 1. If you notice, shopping centres in Singapore usually places the supermarket at the basement level. Why is it so, is there any reasons behind? I’m not sure too.

Yesterday, I went to paragon for “shopping” or rather window shopping. The things sold at paragon are usually things that I can’t afford, especially the shops at level 1. They are all branded shops like Gucci, Polo Ralph Laurens, Burberry, Calvin Klein, even the Vertu, the expensive handphone can be found there too. To me, only rich people staying near there would frequent the shops, the rest would usually be window shopping. There are very few shops (Metro is one of them) that you can find which is selling at affordable price. Look at this link to know more about Paragon: http://www.paragonsc.com.sg/about

Not only the clothes are branded even the vegetables and fruits at the Market Place are branded too. Can you imagine, I found a box of grapes that is selling at SGD 100+? Wow, its shang deng huo, very few people can afford. Wonder how the SGD 100+ grapes taste like? Is it the same as what we buy from NTUC? However, I heard that this box of grapes is imported from Japan, that’s why it is so expensive. Next time, if people asks you what fruits you want to eat, haha, say you want grapes but its grapes bought from Paragon Market Place. Lol.

The moment I stepped into the market place, I was feeling quite excited. Near the entrance is the fruits and vegetables section. Haha, my friends say I always feel very excited when I’m walking this section. Alright, maybe because I’m a vegetarian, vegetables and fruits are the main food that goes into my stomach.

Stepping inside, I saw a variety of fruits, in various sizes. Suddenly something caught my eyes, a big big apple that is as big as my hands. The color of the apple is very nice and red, looks like it tastes very sweet and crunchy. However, it costs SGD 8.95, never in my life did I see such an expensive apple.

After seeing a big apple, suddenly all the fruits inside the supermarket appears to be very big. Big bananas, big strawberries, big grapes and more. LOl, but I guess they are just trying to cater to the Caucasians in Singapore, who enjoyed big fruits/meals while back in their hometown. Most of the items sold in Market Place were imported from overseas. You can even find a big cheese with holes (those that you often see in cartoon or the picture shown below), that is even bigger than a new born baby. FYI, the holes are not dig by the mouse, but its the way the cheese are being fermented that naturally creates holes in the cheese.

Following on, I saw a bunch of tomatoes, that looks like they just pluck it, so fresh. I saw colorful cauliflowers, in purple, orange and green. They called it USA Cauliflower. But the genes of this USA cauliflower seems like a combination of cauliflower and broccoli.

Big Apple Dozens of big apples
Bunch of Tomatoes –
Tomatoes from vine
Colorful USA Cauliflowers

All the fruits and vegetables in the market place are very fresh and nice. However, food nice means that the price will be nice too. In another words, price nice means it is expensive too. I actually saw a madam buying a whole trolley of food that has totals up to almost $300 to $400. Wonder that load of food is for one week’s supply or more? I believe no one has ever spend up to $300 at NTUC, not even $100 most of the times. Does this shows that market place is selling at a higher price but unique stuffs or it is a place to attract rich people only, since it is situated at Orchard.

Market place is a place I would recommend if you are looking for some weird ingredients that can’t be found in normal supermarkets. Sometimes when you see recipes (from US or Japan websites) that you have never seen or heard before, look for it there. That is because the food there are mainly imported from overseas like Japan, Australia, USA, etc. They sold all types of vegetables, fruits, herbs (fresh or grind), cheese, drinks and stuffs for decorating cakes. I saw various colors cake decorating gels packaged in tubes. If you have the time, do go there for a walk you will be amazed too.

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