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Mango Pudding using Konnyaku Powder

Posted by icyelite on July 18, 2008

Mango Pudding – Top View Mango Pudding – Side View

First time, I tried mango pudding using agar agar powder, however, the texture of the pudding is still not the texture that I usually eat at the restaurant. So this time I tried using Konnyaku Jelly Powder, see whether there is any difference.

The equipment and procedures is the same as the equipment and procedures stated in mango pudding using agar agar powder. As compared to using agar agar powder, Konnyaku powder seems to be more chewy, just like a jelly. When I try to scoop out the pudding, its a spoon of mango, it automatically separates out the mango and the pudding. This does not happen for the mango pudding when using agar agar powder. If you like the texture of a jelly, then you can do a mango pudding using Konnyaku Jelly powder. If you like the texture of a real pudding, then use agar agar powder. For me, I still prefer the texture of a real pudding. Lol.

The pudding made from konnyaku seems to be more shiny as compared to agar agar powder. Haha, or maybe it could be due to the lighting when I took the picture.

After several attempts of making mango pudding, I always use an estimate amount of water and evaporated milk. I am not sure whether this is due to the amount of water or is it the powder difference. This is because the weight of each packet of Konnyaku Jelly powder and the weight of each packet of Agar agar powder is different, so the amount of water I had added is different. The recipe below will be a rough gauge of how much water you need to put.

Recipe of Mango Pudding using Konnyaku Jelly Powder


1 packet of Konnyaku Jelly Powder (10g)
1420 ml of water
90ml evaporated milk
8 – 10 tbsp of sugar
2 drops of Konnyaku Mango Color
1/4 teaspoon Konnyaku Mango Flavour (optional)
1 Mango


  1. Cut the mango into dices.
  2. Pour the Konnyaku powder into water gradually and stir till boil.
  3. Add evaporated milk, sugar, mango color and mango flavour.
  4. Stir well.
  5. Turn off flame and put mango into the pot.
  6. Pour the mixture into the moulds.
  7. Chill to set the moulded mango pudding in the refrigerator before serve.

Finishing: Once mango pudding has settled and chilled, remove from fridge and serve to your guests.


  • You may cut half a cherry to decorate on top of the mango pudding.
  • The mango flavour is optional but it can add on the smell of the mango pudding to make it more tasty.
  • The amount of sugar to add in depends on you, you may want to add more. Taste it while mixing. Do take note that when the mixture is hot, it will definitely taste very sweet, once it has cooled down and chilled, it will not be as sweet.

Notes: This recipe can make about 10 – 15 mango pudding depending on the size of your mould.


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