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Meaningful Church Wedding

Posted by icyelite on November 24, 2008

On 15 November 2008, this is the second time I had attended a wedding held in the church, the second wedding I had attended for the year 2008 too. As compared to the weddings that I had attended so far, this is the most meaningful, most “thanks” said and a touching one. I felt touched and amazed during the 2.5 hours sitting in Fairfield Methodist Church.

I reached Fairfield Methodist Church at 10.30am with my family members. Oh yah, fyi, I am actually attending my cousin’s wedding. The door gift given by the newly wed is a traditional “xi” word – double happiness(囍). But if you look at it carefully, you can see that it has 2 robots design imprinted on it. Why 2 robots? That’s because my cousin and wife recognized himself as a robot, someone whom is “woody”, don’t know how to express his feelings well.

Its free seating inside the hall. Due to the late arrival, the best seats in front were all taken up, leaving with no choice, we filled up the last 2 rows of the hall. Alright, the whole event started with the arrival of the bride lead in by a cute flower girl. At this moment, I can see my cousin (the bridegroom) is very nervous. The march in was accompanied by “I finally found someone” as the background music.

1st on stage, there were singers singing praises to the Lord and thanking lord. In my own opinion, the female lead singer had done a good job and she has a very nice voice. She had led the guests to sing wonderfully, even the newly wed were singing along too. Just like watching Singapore Idol, there were some hand gestures by the singer. Oh yah, they even have those “pei ying” people singing near the back of the stage.

2nd is shown on the screen. Looking at the newly wed’s pictures from young till now. They did an  interview of the couple saying how they met each other, how did their love blossoms. I think this idea is quite fresh to me, its just like watching some documentary/variety show on tv? Lol.

3rd on stage is the pastor teaching the newly wed how to have a long lasting marriage. The pastor begins with introducing the nature of the couple, followed by L.O.V.E. It seems that the pastor has known the couple for a very long time, he managed to say my cousin’s characters and catered the LOVE advise specially for him. What does LOVE means to the newly wed? Below is a brief meaning of what the pastor had said:

L – Learn to trust/love each other. A kiss, a hug, a small gift for each other a day will show your love to each other.
O – Ownership of roles. Remember your role as a husband/wife. Wife to have respect for your husband. Husband to be loyal, faithful and take care of everything being the household of the family.
V – Value each other.
E – Entering into Jesus life.

The speech given by the pastor is in english and mandarin. This teaches the old couples and the newly wed to cherish their marriage and how to have a lovely, long lasting marriage.

After the couple had been announced husband and wife, performances start. The newly wed’s friends compose a song for them thanking them for all the things they (newly wed) had done for them. The newly wed showed a video of the proposal process. The bridegroom spent so much effort and money, he actually fly to to penang and proposed to his wife. Lol, some of us may think its so romantic and brave of the bridegroom to suddenly propose to the bride in the shopping centre in front of everyone. But look in the other way, the bridegroom has proposed to her in such an unromantic place/timing. The bride is caught in surprise because she was at the counter paying for clothes. Lol. But I guess she is still very happy and shock at the same time.

The most interesting part of the performance is singing and dancing performed by the bridegroom to the bride. Its a surprise for the bride. The bridegroom sang “今天你要嫁给我” and danced for her. I can see the effort put in by the bridegroom, he must have spent alot of time practisng this dance, together with his dancers. Looking at this scene, I felt so touched, the bridegroom is willing to do anything for the bride, doesn’t it seems romantic? How can the pastor still say tat he is not romantic?

Another touching scene is the newly wed giving speech about thanking their parents, for bringing them up and still love them no matter what they did. Small gifts/bouquets and ang bao were presented to their parents. You can feel that they were really sincere in thanking their parents. I even saw some of the guests crying.

My impression for the whole morning is terrific. Lol, till that day did I realized that my cousin is such a good singer and someone who is romantic rather than robotic. Someone who is outspoken and goes all out to make it a very special and memorable day for everyone and especially for himself and his wife.


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