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Avocado Juice @ Alexandra Village

Posted by icyelite on April 5, 2009

Alexandra Village is the best place to have avocado juice. Whenever someone sees me drinking avocado, they will tell me where is the best avocado in Singapore. Everyone’s answer is Alexandra Village (AV). Its the stall with a big avocado as a decoration for the stall. There are 2 avocado stalls side by side, so look out for the stall with a big avocado. If I remember correctly, the name of the shop is called “Avocado” too. Lol.

What’s the difference between this stall’s avocado and the others?

Compared to what I had drank before:

Color:The color of the avocado from AV are greener, darker as compared to the others. The ones that I usually drink are lighter green and near to white color. I guess alot of milk had been added, which explains the white color avocado juice.

Taste: It has a stronger taste of avocado while the lighter color of other stalls had more milk taste.

Price: $2 each for a big cup from Avocado, but $2 too from other stalls but smaller cup.

Next time, if you want to drink avocado juice, remember to visit Avocado @ Alexandra village.


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