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List of Recipes

This post will show you all variety of foods you can choose to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch or even supper. This is a list of foods that I had learnt how to make, more updates to this post will be made. Make your selection of food for your next meal now.

Cookies Breads/ Cakes
Desserts Western Foods
Dian Xin/ Traditional Kueh/ Glutinous Rice
Japanese Foods
Noodles Rice with these dishes
  • Cabbage
  • Cereal Prawn
Other Foods
  • Nasi Lemak

3 Responses to “List of Recipes”

  1. nazreena said

    4 carrots peeld and cut into small strips and cucumber peeled and cut into small strips and pineapple cuut into small bite sizaes . add in some mayonise and add in some fried cashews nuts and rasins add in some cut chillies and salt sugar1/2 teaspoon using two laddles add mix the ingerients an stirring well

  2. Awesome affair, did not thought reading it would be so cool when I read your title with link!

  3. nazreena said

    lit the saucepan or pot add in half a squre of butter let it melt add in chopped onions let it fry with the butter till its golden brown colour grind in the blender boiled poataoes and mushrooms let it boil add in ginger garlic paste and onion paste two teaspoons each beat one egg add in pepper powder and salt soya sauce then add in 500 ml of full cream milk add in mix vegetables add in vegetable stock cut a small pice will do add in whipping cream chopped onion leaves mix well boil for 10 mins let it thcken

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