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Chwee Kueh

Posted by icyelite on May 20, 2008

Successful Chwee Kueh

Chwee Kueh, one of my favourite foods for breakfast. Another favourite is chee chong fan but I have yet to learn how to make it. But heard from my mum that chee chong fan is easy but tedious.Initially, I thought making chwee kueh is very difficult but when I tried to make it few times, it is as easy as saying 123. Above is the picture of what I have made from scratch. So fulfilling whenever you see the successful output.

There are two methods to make chwee kueh. One method is the liquid mixture and the other is sticky dough mixture. The liquid mixture is fast and easy, anyone can do it.

When eating chwee kueh, the most important thing is to have Cai Po and chili. You can buy cai po off the shelf or prepare it yourself. But for vegetarians, look out for pure cai po, most of the cai po selling off the shelf has prawns mixed in it.

The basic things that you need in your kitchen before making chwee kueh:

  1. Steamer. Best if you have a big steamer that can contain at least 12 moulds per time
  2. Chwee Kueh Moulds. Have as many as you can if you are making alot. My house got more than 24 moulds. Bear in mind, if you have only 10 moulds, you might be taking out hot chwee kueh that has not been settled down out of the mould to continue steam the rest. You will destroy the shape and become “nua nua”. If you don’t get what I’m trying to say, you will understand when you try it yourself. If you are going to give it to other people, you can buy disposable chwee kueh moulds else get stainless steel/aluminum moulds for long lasting usage.
  3. Big Mixing Bowl
  4. Measuring Cup. To measure the amount of water for your batter and it makes things easy for you to pour inside your moulds.

Recipe to make Chwee Kueh

Ingredients A:

Rice Flour 150g
Wheat Starch 1 tablespoon
Tapioca Flour 1 tablespoon
Salt 1 teaspoon
Tap Water 280ml

Ingredient B:

Boiling water 550ml

Ingredient C:

Cai Po
Sesame oil
Cooking Oil

Preparations for chwee kueh:

  1. Grease the moulds with oil first to prevent sticking.
  2. Mix Ingredient A evenly first.
  3. Once A is even, mix Ingredient B into A well.
  4. Once done, pour the mixture into the mould and bring it to steam for 10 minutes.

Preparations for Cai Po:

  1. Dip the cai po into salt water.
  2. Drip dry and fry the cai po
  3. Add a lot of oil, sesame oil for it to cook first
  4. Subsequently, add sugar and pepper. Cook the cai po until dark brown.

Finishing: Let the chwee kueh cool down, dig it out from the mould and its ready for serving. To be presentable for serving, have at least 4 chwee kueh per plate and garnish it with Cai Po.


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