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Vegetarian Wedding Dinner Prepared by Fo You Yuan Vegetarian

Posted by icyelite on November 16, 2008

The dinner is cooked by Fo You Yuan vegetarian from Geylang. The bridegroom had booked the ballroom and asked Fo You Yuan vegetarian to go there cook. I believe Fo You Yuan had moved all their culteries to the country club and prepare their food.

Let’s see what’s in the menu for today?

  1. Fortune Five Vegetarian Cold Dish
  2. Vegetarian Shark’s Fin Soup
  3. Spinach with 2 Types of Mushroom
  4. Vegetarian Lucky Trotters
  5. Lotus Duck
  6. Fried Vegetarian Chicken with Cashew Nuts
  7. Vegetarian Golden Pig
  8. Fried Rice with Lotus Leaf
  9. Yam Paste with Gingko Nut

Pictures of each dish:

Apettizer Fortune Five Vegetarian Cold Dish
Vegetarian Shark’s Fin Soup Spinach with 2 Types of Mushroom
Vegetarian Lucky Trotters Lotus Duck – when it first came
Lotus Duck – opened Fried Vegetarian Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Vegetarian Golden Pig Fried Rice with Lotus Leaf
Fried Rice with Lotus Leaf – in a bowl Yam Paste with Gingko Nut

Comments on the foods:

  • Appetizer – the appetizer is a cruchy, salty fish. Tastes and smells nice
  • Fortune Five Vegetarian Cold Dish – Nothing really special that I would want to comment about the food, its the same as any other cold plate
  • Vegetarian Shark’s Fin Soup – the shark fin has used “Dao Ki” as the main ingredient. Tastes not bad, but the picture looks abit oily
  • Spinach with 2 Types of Mushroom – there are 2 types of mushrooms in this dish. Overall, this dish tastes salty
  • Vegetarian Lucky Trotters – decorated with coropok, a good idea
  • Lotus Duck – the lotus duck when it came, it was nicely wrapped up. When we opened it up, we saw so many lotus seeds. Too many that we feel sick of it. If you noticed, the wrapped skin is made of “Dao ki” too
  • Fried Vegetarian Chicken with Cashew Nuts – this is a special one. The ingredients are fried veg chicken with cashew nuts, same as what you can find in Yam Ring. But instead of putting it in yam ring, they put inside a bowl shape popiah. The bowl is made of popiah skin and deep fried it, this is a good idea too. The skin tastes so crispy
  • Vegetarian Golden Pig – the best among all dishes. Even the bridgegroom’s mum says its a must eat, don’t miss this dish. Indeed its really good. Using lettuce to wrap the crispy vegetarian pig and cucumber, glazed it with sweet sauce. Yum yum
  • Fried Rice with Lotus Leaf – By the time, we had this dish, we were all full. We thought having noodles is better than rice. Rice makes us even more full. I can really smell the lotus leaf in my bowl of rice
  • Yam Paste with Gingko Nut – this is the worse though it may looks good. It tastes sour for my table, plus it is too watery. I thought it should taste sticky and sweet?

Read Vegetarian Wedding Dinner @ Orchid Country Club again.


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Blueberry Pie @ Hans

Posted by icyelite on October 19, 2008

I went to Hans with Andy @ Far East Plaza. It was almost dinner time, instead of ordering those usual meal, I had ordered blueberry pie. Hoping that it will gives me an idea of how to bake it in future or even teach me the different ways of baking an apple pie. I believe the way to bake an apple pie and a blueberry pie is similar.

Blueberry Pie Side View of Blueberry Pie

In fact, I am not sure of the correct naming of this blueberry pie. But it has crumbles on top and decorated with chocolate chips which enhances the taste of the blueberry pie. Yum yum, I love it. Is there any peach pie since apples and blueberry can become a pie. Oh, how about a durian pie too? Lol.

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Happy Arts Deli @ Simei Metta School (Daily special)

Posted by icyelite on September 15, 2008

Everyday, Happy Arts Deli will have a different daily special. Recently, they had just changed the sequence of their daily special. I can’t remember which day has which special but at least, the list of food doesn’t change totally.

Take a look at the daily special they had for each week:

Vegetarian Chicken Rice Vegetarian Chinese-style Bento Set

Comments on daily special:

  • Vegetarian Chicken Rice: This seems to be the most popular daily special of the week. The first time I wanted to buy their chicken rice, it has been sold out when I visited them at 12pm. Can you imagine that the chicken rice is so fast selling that even during the official lunch time, I couldn’t find a single plate. So, the following week, I went there earlier to try it. I would say its not bad, but for people who doesn’t likes to eat mock meat, this may be something you shouldn’t try. They have vegetarian char siew and vegetarian chicken. In my opinion, I would say this chicken rice is average which I would not go all the way out for it.
  • Vegetarian Chinese-style Bento Set: Quite a big set of bento that can be quite filling. The vegetarian mock meat is quite tasty cooked with black pepper sauce. A saute of nai bai vegetable and few pieces of honeydew and grapes. If I remember correctly, this bento set costs $6 per set.

Read Happy Arts Deli @ Simei Metta School (Introduction) again.

Last updated: 15 Sept 2008

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Out of the Pan

Posted by icyelite on August 12, 2008

Out of the Pan serves mainly crepes and wonderful, beautiful, delicious desserts. They are located at City Hall, Raffles City Basement 1, beside the fountain.

Address: Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-45 Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6431 6103

The first time I went there with my ex-colleagues for dinner because we saw them the word vegetarian in their menu. However, I did not order any vegetarian crepes from them. Instead, I had ordered colorful frutti salad and desserts.

Colorful Fruitti Salad

Frutti salad. As the picture has shown above, it looks very colorful with a variety of fruits. Fruits that I can remember are strawberries, peaches, apples, watermelons, etc. Alot alot more. In addition to the fruits, there are lettuces too. Crunchy and tasty salad. For girls, most will feel that just having the salad, you are almost full. Probably you just need a cup of drink and you are satisfied for the dinner. Wow, sounds like a good diet plan? Fruitti salad costs SGD $8.

Chocolate Mania Chocolate Temptation

Desserts. I had tried Chocolate Mania and Chocolate Temptation before. Aren’t the designs of the desserts beautiful? They had desserts in crepes, waffles or just plain desserts.

  • Chocolate Mania has two rolls of bananas wrapped in chocolate-flavored crepe. On top of the crepe, it lies a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A combination of hot and cold with “rays of hot fudge sunlight”.
  • Chocolate Temptation has three different types of ice cream. Not very sure what are the different flavors, to me, it should be vanilla, chocolate and belgium chocolate. Adding some decorations, is a combination of colorful fruits. Haha, but the 2nd time I went to Out of the Pan with Andy, the fruits all tastes sour. >_<

Crepes. Ah, seems like I did not mention their main course at all. Haha, that is because I didn’t order any main course when I was there. Just the salad and dessert is enough to make me feel so full. They serve vegetarian crepes but I am not so sure of the sauces they use in the food. So, don’t order it, is my ideal solution. For what I know about the crepe is that you get to choose the type of flour you want to use for the crepe? Because the waiter will ask what type of crepe you want? Plain, Wheat or blah blah blah.

Mango Tango

Drinks. They serve soft drinks, coffee, ice blended drinks and juices. I ordered mango tango, it is a tall glass of ice blended mango juice. Its icy cold and sweet. *drooling* Best drink on a hot sunny day.

Set Meal. Their set meal is to order a drink, salad and a main course of crepes. Price for the set meal costs $20+++. If you are ordering the set meal, do inform the waiter/waitress first before telling them the food that you want. This is because I started telling him the food that I want when he came and he noted down. Until the time when I told him that I wanted to change my drink to mango tango, how much do I need to topup, then he realize that I’m actually ordering a set meal. Shakes head. The drinks that you can order are only soft drinks which already costs around $5.50, if you would like to have other drinks like ice blended juice, you can add on another $2 or $2.50 to the set meal price.

Prices. The prices are above average but when you get to enjoy the tasty salad and wonderful desserts, you will close one eye for the price you need to pay.

Design and Creativity of the food. I feel that the design and creativity of the food is excellent. Design and creativity scores high for the desserts. Looking at how wonderfully they had displayed the desserts, you will feel so happy and the food will look more delicious. Moreover, they had made the food looks more colorful and tasty to the customers.

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Peony Jade Restaurant

Posted by icyelite on July 27, 2008

I went to attend my cousin’s ROM reception at Peony Jade Restaurant. He had specially ordered a table of pure vegetarian food for us prepared by Peony Jade Restaurant. Pure vegetarian meaning no onion, no garlic, no alcohol in the food and the cutlery used to cook our food is separate from those that has been used to cook meat.

Having a wedding lunch reception prepared by Peony Jade, I would expect that the food weren’t be as nice. After attending several wedding dinners at different hotels, it leaves me an impression that the foods prepared by non-vegetarians chefs are not as nice as real vegetarian chefs. However, Peony Jade changes my mindset that day.

What’s in the list for the vegetarian menu?

  1. Vegetarian Combination Delight
  2. Braised Fungus & Golden Mushroom Soup
  3. Pan-Fried Vegetarian Cod Fish with Soya Sauce
  4. Deep Fried Chicken with Fruit Sauce
  5. Stewed Vegetarian Abalone & Bailing Mushroom
  6. Stir-Fried Vegetarian Venison with Black Pepper Sauce
  7. Sauteed Vegetarian Prawns with Special Sauce
  8. Fried Empress Noodles with Vegetarian Goose
  9. Chilled Mango with Pomelo Sauce
Braised Fungus & Golden Mushroom Soup

One of the recommended dish from above is Braised Fungus & Golden Mushroom Soup which is commonly known as Shark Fin Soup.  The main ingredients are white fungus, golden mushroom and water chestnuts. Instead of cutting the ingredients into stripes like a shark fin, they diced it into very small pieces. Chewy and tasty soup.

Another recommended dish is their dessert. The dessert is chilled mango with pomelo sauce. It’s a thick mango puree with pomelo and abit of pomelo sauce. This is unlike other places where I had tried before, it is very watery and the pomelo sauce is too much that I find it sour. That day, the dessert is served cold that makes you shivers abit when you put inside your mouth. In addition, it tastes sweet instead of sour.

Yum yum delicious food. One of the cons is the dishes served does not have vegetables at all. All are mock meats. I wasn’t able to take picture of the food this time because a plate of food is shared by everyone instead of served individually, it will be rude of me to take picture before everyone can start eating.

The utensils used are also different from what I had usually see. The shapes of the plates and the unique colors of the plates. In addition, they are using a pebble as a stand for the chopsticks.

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