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Avocado Juice @ Alexandra Village

Posted by icyelite on April 5, 2009

Alexandra Village is the best place to have avocado juice. Whenever someone sees me drinking avocado, they will tell me where is the best avocado in Singapore. Everyone’s answer is Alexandra Village (AV). Its the stall with a big avocado as a decoration for the stall. There are 2 avocado stalls side by side, so look out for the stall with a big avocado. If I remember correctly, the name of the shop is called “Avocado” too. Lol.

What’s the difference between this stall’s avocado and the others?

Compared to what I had drank before:

Color:The color of the avocado from AV are greener, darker as compared to the others. The ones that I usually drink are lighter green and near to white color. I guess alot of milk had been added, which explains the white color avocado juice.

Taste: It has a stronger taste of avocado while the lighter color of other stalls had more milk taste.

Price: $2 each for a big cup from Avocado, but $2 too from other stalls but smaller cup.

Next time, if you want to drink avocado juice, remember to visit Avocado @ Alexandra village.


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Pu Ti Shu Shi @ Tampines Blk 137

Posted by icyelite on June 15, 2008

Pu Ti Shu Shi is located at tampines blk 137, the round market. In the morning, the round market has alot of people. Last time, when I was young, my parents used to bring me to the round market for breakfast. The only store that we frequent is Pu Ti Shu Shi.

Address: Blk 137 Tampines New Town Street 11 #01-30 Singapore 521137

In the morning, the food stall does not have much variety, there are only 2 types that I can remember. They are selling vegetarian bee hoon, that you can served together either with curry or with gravy or plain. When you take away the bee hoon, the stall owner is still using their own designed meal box, with their stall information printed on it. It is made of styrofoam that you need to use rubber bands to close it properly, definitely gravy will leaked out if you did not take it properly.

In addition, they are selling kway chap, which is my favorite. I would recommend you to eat kway chap there than to take away. Eat it while it is still hot and you can see that the stall owner actually added alot of dark soy sauce in it. It is so obvious that your kway becomes dark-colored very fast. Eat along with some chili, wooh, best combination. Kway Chap is not available on weekends and on 1st and 15th of the Lunar calendar.

In the afternoon or coming to afternoon, they will be selling some cooked foods and they will cooked it on the spot. They are closed at night.

Some pictures:

Their Styrofoam Box Delicious Kway Chap

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Food @ Circuit Road

Posted by icyelite on May 25, 2008

Circuit Road is one of my favorite eating place in Singapore. It has the most vegetarian stalls that opens till late night 1am. You can order food from many stalls and enjoying the hybrid of all stores. This is also one of the place where both me and my friends get to enjoy our own foods. Whenever we go there, I would order vegetarian food to share with my friends. In addition, they can order their own food like rojak, wanton noodles or zhi cha whenever they feel not full.

I can’t remember the names of the stalls I frequent. However, I knew that they gathered at the middle of the first market. One of the stalls name is Zi Zai Zhai which has two stalls situated facing each other.

Address: Blk 79A Circuit Road Food Centre

How to go there?

Going to circuit road can be quite inconvenient becos its not near any mrt station. There are a few ways you can go to circuit road listed below:

  • By car if you drive. Park your car beside the market or at the multi storey carpark hidden in between the HDB flats
  • By mrt and bus:
  1. Take MRT to Aljunied Station, cross over to the bus stop that has a bridge, take bus No. 40
  2. Take MRT to Paya Lebar Station, facing Certis Cisco building, turn left and cross over to opposite bus stop and take bus No. 135, alight at Pipit Road
  3. From Parkway Parade, take bus No. 135, alight at Pipit Road
  • Last choice, take cab

What are the foods I usually order?

  • Popiah
  • Carrot Cake, Black or White, whichever you like
  • Vegetarian Fried Oyster
  • Roti Prata
  • Yi Pin Mian is nice but it seems like Zi Zai Zhai no longer sell this

To be aware of:

  • Take note of where you are sitting, the drink stalls had drawn their own territory lines. If you happen to sit near that drink stall, you must order from them, else they ask you to change to another table which could be just next to you only. I have met an uncle who is quite unreasonable.
  • Don’t worry if you sit along the roadside and feels the floor shaking while you are enjoying your food. This is normal cos there might be a bus that just pass by.

Pictures of the food I had ordered before:

Vegetarian Fried Oyster
Yi Mian

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