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Blueberry Pie @ Hans

Posted by icyelite on October 19, 2008

I went to Hans with Andy @ Far East Plaza. It was almost dinner time, instead of ordering those usual meal, I had ordered blueberry pie. Hoping that it will gives me an idea of how to bake it in future or even teach me the different ways of baking an apple pie. I believe the way to bake an apple pie and a blueberry pie is similar.

Blueberry Pie Side View of Blueberry Pie

In fact, I am not sure of the correct naming of this blueberry pie. But it has crumbles on top and decorated with chocolate chips which enhances the taste of the blueberry pie. Yum yum, I love it. Is there any peach pie since apples and blueberry can become a pie. Oh, how about a durian pie too? Lol.


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Grand Court Vegetarian Restaurant @ Orchard

Posted by icyelite on June 8, 2008

Hmmm. Don’t know why? But it seems like the vegetarian eating places that I went to recently are either gone or they are moving, no longer at their usual locations. Is it because I hadn’t been visiting them that’s why their business is not good? Lol.

Yesterday, when I went to Grand Court Vegetarian Restaurant at Orchard Shopping Center Level 5 with Andy, I felt disappointed. The stretch of buffet lunch is gone, it has been replaced by a row of tables. I thought the buffet were removed from their menu, later did I find out that they are moving and the buffet lunch stuffs has been shifted to Chinatown. For people who likes Grand Court, please take note of the new address below. The restaurant at Orchard will end operations at end of July 2008.

With Effect from 1 May 2008, Grand Court new premises is at:

20 Trengganu Street (off Temple Street)
Chinatown #03-01 Singapore 058479
Tel: 6238505 Fax: 62385302
Business Hours: 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10pm

Buffet Lunch provided daily

As usual, Andy and Serene were often their first customers in the restaurant. There were fewer staffs that you can count with one hand and only 1 or 2 chefs. Food being served were slower too. Most of the people went to Grand Court is because of their lunch buffet. I saw a few people realizing that there are no more buffets, they leave without much consideration. There are alot of varieties and you can eat as much as you can. They got mee siam, buns, fried rice, noodles, bee hoons, fried foods, vegetables, soups, desserts, cut fruits, drinks and many more.

As we sit down, we are served with a pot of chrysanthemum tea or Chinese tea, a small plate of achar, a packet of Grand Court serviette and the menu for us to choose our food. Since there were no more buffet, we ordered Olive Fried Rice, Gan Shao E-Fu Noodles and Sambal Fried Fish.

First, came the Gan Shao E-Fu noodles, its a recommendation to all of you, its nice. There were a few stalks of xiao bai cai but do note that the leaf has been chopped off, so don’t be shocked if you see only stalks. Haha. We had a big plate of fried rice, but we didn’t manage to finish it. It tastes good, just that it’s a little bit salty. Coming up next is the sambal fried fish, initially, I thought it will be a complete fish shape and garnish with a spread of sambal chili. Unexpectedly, it is cut into pieces and fry with sambal chili. I would say the sambal fish is average rating.

May happens to have medical appointment that day and I jio her and Michael to eat together at Grand Court. Thanks to them, they contributed to 2 more dishes from grand court shown below, Tom Yam Fried Rice and Cereal Abalone Mushroom. This is the first time I tried cereal abalone mushroom, similar taste as cereal prawns but when you bite it, the mushroom is softer.

Achar Grand Court Serviette
Gan Shao E-Fu Noodles Half eaten Olive Fried Rice
Sambal Fried Rice Tom Yam Fried Rice
Cereal Abalone Mushroom

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