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Peony Jade Restaurant

Posted by icyelite on July 27, 2008

I went to attend my cousin’s ROM reception at Peony Jade Restaurant. He had specially ordered a table of pure vegetarian food for us prepared by Peony Jade Restaurant. Pure vegetarian meaning no onion, no garlic, no alcohol in the food and the cutlery used to cook our food is separate from those that has been used to cook meat.

Having a wedding lunch reception prepared by Peony Jade, I would expect that the food weren’t be as nice. After attending several wedding dinners at different hotels, it leaves me an impression that the foods prepared by non-vegetarians chefs are not as nice as real vegetarian chefs. However, Peony Jade changes my mindset that day.

What’s in the list for the vegetarian menu?

  1. Vegetarian Combination Delight
  2. Braised Fungus & Golden Mushroom Soup
  3. Pan-Fried Vegetarian Cod Fish with Soya Sauce
  4. Deep Fried Chicken with Fruit Sauce
  5. Stewed Vegetarian Abalone & Bailing Mushroom
  6. Stir-Fried Vegetarian Venison with Black Pepper Sauce
  7. Sauteed Vegetarian Prawns with Special Sauce
  8. Fried Empress Noodles with Vegetarian Goose
  9. Chilled Mango with Pomelo Sauce
Braised Fungus & Golden Mushroom Soup

One of the recommended dish from above is Braised Fungus & Golden Mushroom Soup which is commonly known as Shark Fin Soup.  The main ingredients are white fungus, golden mushroom and water chestnuts. Instead of cutting the ingredients into stripes like a shark fin, they diced it into very small pieces. Chewy and tasty soup.

Another recommended dish is their dessert. The dessert is chilled mango with pomelo sauce. It’s a thick mango puree with pomelo and abit of pomelo sauce. This is unlike other places where I had tried before, it is very watery and the pomelo sauce is too much that I find it sour. That day, the dessert is served cold that makes you shivers abit when you put inside your mouth. In addition, it tastes sweet instead of sour.

Yum yum delicious food. One of the cons is the dishes served does not have vegetables at all. All are mock meats. I wasn’t able to take picture of the food this time because a plate of food is shared by everyone instead of served individually, it will be rude of me to take picture before everyone can start eating.

The utensils used are also different from what I had usually see. The shapes of the plates and the unique colors of the plates. In addition, they are using a pebble as a stand for the chopsticks.

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Petit Provence @ The Central

Posted by icyelite on July 27, 2008

Have you ever tried a soft croissant that is not crispy and delicious? If you had never tried it before, try it at Petit Provence.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #B1-29 The central Singapore 059817
Tel: +65-6534 9029
Website: http://www.provence.com.sg
Operating Hours: 11am – 10pm

Soft Croissants

My brother introduced this soft croissant called wassant in Japanese. It comes in 2 flavours, cream and chocolate. Chocolate is a must try for all. I am not someone who really loves chocolate but even I got attracted to this chocolate-flavored soft croissant.

How does it taste? Lol. Just like what the name says, it is soft, texture is as soft as a fresh bread even after few days. When you bite the chocolate flavour, you can taste and smell the chocolate. I tired heating it up after leaving the wassant outside for a day, but it doesn’t taste as good. I can’t smell or taste any chocolate after heating up, maybe I had overheat it?

Price. Each wassant costs $0.60, you can buy individually or in a pack. In a pack, there are 10 wassants. It is either 10 cream wassants or 10 chocolate wassants or 5 cream wassants and 5 chocolates wassants. There is no special pricing for a packet, it costs $6 per pack.

If you are going to The Central next time, remember to look out for Petit Provence.

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Lao Di Fang @ Apollo Centre

Posted by icyelite on July 4, 2008

Lao Di Fang in chinese means usual place or old place. First impression of the name makes me feel that the place will be an old place just like back into the sixties or seventies. But when you reach the restaurant, the ambience of the restaurant wasn’t too old too. Looks average, not too modern or too oldies. The restaurant resembles a typical Chinese village in the olden times, where the extensive use of wooden furnishings, textured cement walls, and antique Chinese ornaments creates a distinctively rustic touch.

Not sure how many Lao Di Fang outlets there are currently. Last time, there are alot of Lao Di Fang outlets and one of the outlets is designed like ‘ming ge chan ting’ where customers can eat and listen to songs at the same time. But now, the outlet has closed down, not sure why but it has been closed long time ago.

Currently, there is only a outlet that I know of. The outlet now is at Apollo Centre, near to clarke quay mrt station. Opposite the apollo centre is the ministry of manpower if I’m not wrong. The building of apollo centre seems abit quiet, abit dark, if you feel uncomfortable, get someone to go there with you. In fact, the shops at apollo centre are mostly travel agencies and upstairs has KTV if I’m not wrong because sometimes when I’m having my dinner there, I can hear people singing. The toilet at the building may seems abit scary, haha, girls if you are worried or scared, better get another girlfriend of yours to accompany you.

Address of Lao Di Fang:

2 Havelock Road
#01-38 Apollo Centre
Singapore 059763

Tel: 6535 2513 / 6533 8959
Fax: 6535 7763

Opening Hours of Lao Di Fang:

Open Daily
11.30am – 3.00pm (Lunch)
5.00pm – 10.00pm (Dinner)

When you first reached the restaurant, they will serve you with the menu, ask for your choice of drink and the pickles and wet towels.

Recently, Lao Di Fang has a change  in their menu, I mean the appearance of the menu, lol. But the list of foods are still the same. They had a healthy mushroom pot but I have never try before. But if you like mushroom, maybe you can give it a try. Look at the full list of dishes here: http://www.classicldf.sg/menu.html

The choice of drink. You can choose to go for traditional Chinese tea, chrysanthemum tea or even the choice of bubble tea. If you had chosen chinese tea or chrysanthemum tea, your teapot will be refilled free, they count it as a teapot price. However for bubble tea, you can only have one and only one cup. For a teapot of tea, it costs $5.

For pickles which is the appetizer and wet towels, you have the choice of rejecting it. The appetizer given are usually achar and peanuts. In my opinion, the achar doesn’t taste as good as the achar served in Grand Court Vegetarian Restaurant. I would recommend that you don’t take their appetizer which in my opinion it is not nice and it is expensive. 2 appetizers served to you and each plate costs $2. The wet towels is 30 cents each. You can bring along your own tissue which could be cheaper. In this case, if you reject the appetizer and wet towels, you actually saved $4.30.

In fact, I would grade Lao Di Fang as average. It is only a place that I would go when there I had no idea where to go for lunch/dinner and when I need to settle my meal at Chinatown area.

Recommendations of food that I had personally tried:

  • Stir Fried French Bean 干扁四季豆 – $8.80 for small plate
  • Stir Fried Chilli Fish 煎烤辣酱鱼This dish is cooked like how outside cooks the stingray with chili. It is quite spicy. If you can’t take it, don’t order it, else you will regret. The fish comes in a whole piece so you will have to cut the fish yourself.
  • Claypot Tofu – There is no egg tofu, only plain tofu available there.
  • Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs

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