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McCafe – Cafe Latte

Posted by icyelite on October 4, 2008

On 4 Oct 2008, I went to McCafe with andy after my first day of Saturday rostered duty. Initially, we were thinking of walking towards Starbucks at level 2. Suddenly, andy stopped and keep looking into the McCafe  for power plug. Oh well, we were lucky that day, we found a comfortable seat with power plug. This is a good news.

That day, I wanted to order hot drink to keep myself warm. Don’t feel like drinking hot tea, so andy suggested I ordered from mcCafe. It’s the first time I order from mcCafe, hmmm, looking at the menu. I had a feeling I’m at Starbucks or Coffeebean. I ordered Cafe Latte, one of my favorite drink.

After ordering, I wasn’t given any receipt but was told to go back to sit and she will serve it to me shortly. Waited for 10 minutes, my latte came.

Large cup of Cafe Latte Top view of Cafe Latte

Why isn’t there latte art on top of my latte? If there is a M sign, maybe it would be nice? Lol. Where to learn latte art, though I know my art is real lousy. Haha.

The latte doesn’t smells as nice as those in coffeebean or starbucks. So don’t expect to have a nice smelling, tasty latte at McCafe. The latte that came, it is not hot but just warm. So in the cold environment, the latte becomes cold very fast.


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Out of the Pan

Posted by icyelite on August 12, 2008

Out of the Pan serves mainly crepes and wonderful, beautiful, delicious desserts. They are located at City Hall, Raffles City Basement 1, beside the fountain.

Address: Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-45 Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6431 6103

The first time I went there with my ex-colleagues for dinner because we saw them the word vegetarian in their menu. However, I did not order any vegetarian crepes from them. Instead, I had ordered colorful frutti salad and desserts.

Colorful Fruitti Salad

Frutti salad. As the picture has shown above, it looks very colorful with a variety of fruits. Fruits that I can remember are strawberries, peaches, apples, watermelons, etc. Alot alot more. In addition to the fruits, there are lettuces too. Crunchy and tasty salad. For girls, most will feel that just having the salad, you are almost full. Probably you just need a cup of drink and you are satisfied for the dinner. Wow, sounds like a good diet plan? Fruitti salad costs SGD $8.

Chocolate Mania Chocolate Temptation

Desserts. I had tried Chocolate Mania and Chocolate Temptation before. Aren’t the designs of the desserts beautiful? They had desserts in crepes, waffles or just plain desserts.

  • Chocolate Mania has two rolls of bananas wrapped in chocolate-flavored crepe. On top of the crepe, it lies a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A combination of hot and cold with “rays of hot fudge sunlight”.
  • Chocolate Temptation has three different types of ice cream. Not very sure what are the different flavors, to me, it should be vanilla, chocolate and belgium chocolate. Adding some decorations, is a combination of colorful fruits. Haha, but the 2nd time I went to Out of the Pan with Andy, the fruits all tastes sour. >_<

Crepes. Ah, seems like I did not mention their main course at all. Haha, that is because I didn’t order any main course when I was there. Just the salad and dessert is enough to make me feel so full. They serve vegetarian crepes but I am not so sure of the sauces they use in the food. So, don’t order it, is my ideal solution. For what I know about the crepe is that you get to choose the type of flour you want to use for the crepe? Because the waiter will ask what type of crepe you want? Plain, Wheat or blah blah blah.

Mango Tango

Drinks. They serve soft drinks, coffee, ice blended drinks and juices. I ordered mango tango, it is a tall glass of ice blended mango juice. Its icy cold and sweet. *drooling* Best drink on a hot sunny day.

Set Meal. Their set meal is to order a drink, salad and a main course of crepes. Price for the set meal costs $20+++. If you are ordering the set meal, do inform the waiter/waitress first before telling them the food that you want. This is because I started telling him the food that I want when he came and he noted down. Until the time when I told him that I wanted to change my drink to mango tango, how much do I need to topup, then he realize that I’m actually ordering a set meal. Shakes head. The drinks that you can order are only soft drinks which already costs around $5.50, if you would like to have other drinks like ice blended juice, you can add on another $2 or $2.50 to the set meal price.

Prices. The prices are above average but when you get to enjoy the tasty salad and wonderful desserts, you will close one eye for the price you need to pay.

Design and Creativity of the food. I feel that the design and creativity of the food is excellent. Design and creativity scores high for the desserts. Looking at how wonderfully they had displayed the desserts, you will feel so happy and the food will look more delicious. Moreover, they had made the food looks more colorful and tasty to the customers.

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Posted by icyelite on June 15, 2008

I went to N.Y.D.C today with my friends. For vegetarians, beware of the vegetarians food there if you cannot take onions, garlic and alcohols. Their menu is quite well-informed, N.Y.D.C wrote down the ingredients you can find in the dishes/drinks/salads and cakes. So take a look at the ingredients first before you order. In the menu, they indicated whether there is liqour inside the food and whether it is a chef recommendation. This indications make the customers easier to decide on what foods or drinks to order.

Take a look at what we have ordered:

Potato Salad
Iced Hazelnut Elephanccinco Cookie Monster Mudpie

Do take note:

  • The food that I had posted are not necessary vegetarian. For instance, the potato salad contains onions in the mixture.
  • Iced Hazelnut Elephanccinco is a super big mug of drink. So if you do not drink so much, I would advise you to share it with your friend. If you are like me and my friends who often spent few hours in the cafe, this will be good and last you for few hours.
  • For the cookie monster mudpie, I advised that you share with your friend too because it will makes you feel sick of it if you eat too much. Oh yah, the mudpie is icy cold, best for a hot day. Another point, ladies do watch out when you eat this cookie monster mudpie, because the chocolates or oreo may stuck in between your teeths.

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