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Planning Taiwan Itinerary

Posted by icyelite on March 16, 2010

About 1 more month time before I depart for Taiwan. This is the first time  I’m traveling overseas with Andy.  Everything is free and easy, so we need to plan our itinerary ourselves. Will be taking Jetstar (with extra leg space) and staying at TS Hotel @ Ximending.

Of cos! Our itinerary will include eating at vegetarian stores, which I will review abit though I might not have the chance to visit the place again.  But for those who are traveling there, you can consider those places.

Planning of our 7 days 6 nights “深度之旅” and searching of vegetarian stores begins now…


3 Responses to “Planning Taiwan Itinerary”

  1. Vegetarian Lover said

    looking forward to the vegetarian stores you’ve been to in Taiwan..would you be putting up pictures and addresses of vegetarian food places..? ^_^

  2. icyelite said

    Hi Vegetarian Lover, I will put up the pictures and addresses of the places I had went. But kinda busy nowadays, hope to post it soon too.

  3. Jocelyn said


    Just wondering if you could send me the address of the vegetarian places you have been too. I’m going in Nov and need some ideas on where I can go for vegetarian food. Thanks!


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