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Superb Creamy Mushroom Soup

Posted by icyelite on December 26, 2009

This mushroom soup is the authentic mushroom you can taste it at Roma Deli, Simple Food, etc that serves mushroom soup. This is a different recipe from my previous mushroom soup. Felt excited when I find the real ingredients used by these stores.  The main ingredient of the soup is cream and mushrooms.

Most of the websites will put sour cream but its not suitable for vegetarian. So I recommend vegetarians to use Nestle Cream.

Successful creamy mushroom soup with nice smelling oregano herbs

Recipe of Creamy Mushroom Soup


Fresh White Button Mushroom
Button Mushroom
Water (depends on how much you wanna cook)
Mushroom seasoning
Oregano herbs
Starch flour/ Tapioca flour/ corn flour
(Purpose of the flour is to thicken the soup)


  1. Slice the fresh white button mushroom and button mushroom.
  2. Fry the mushrooms with margarine.
  3. Put the mushrooms into the blender until its coarsely chopped.
  4. Boil the water in a pot.
  5. Add in the mushrooms.
  6. When the water has boiled, pour in the cream (depends on how creamy you want the soup to be).
  7. Add in all mushroom seasonings, a pinch of pepper and oregano herbs.
  8. Make sure it is well-mixed.
  9. Add in the starch flour.
  10. Continue stirring until the soup has thickened.

Finishing: Scoop out a bowl of the creamy mushroom soup. Garnish it with somemore herbs. Serve it together with toasted bread (optional).

Finally good try! Had cooked it several times for my family. They love it alot. I loved it too. Been quite sometime since I last heard good comments about my cookings. (Not becos my cookings had always been lousy but it has been a very long time since I’m enthusiastic about cooking.) =)


4 Responses to “Superb Creamy Mushroom Soup”

  1. Beginner chef said

    Hi.. What cream do you use, how much and what is mushroom seasoning?

  2. Beginner chef said

    I found the answer about the cream! So, rephrased question: how much do you put, at least and what is mushroom seasoning..

    • icyelite said

      hi beginner chef: i can’t tell you exactly how much i had put for the cream. in fact, i had add in bit by bit and taste every now and then. it depends on your taste too. An estimation for you, near to 3/4 can of the nestle cream added for 3/4 pot of soup.

      mushroom seasoning is easily bought at vegetarian shops. if you can’t find any mushroom seasoning, you can add in abit of salt and pepper to make up for it.

      do you live in singapore?

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