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Myle’s One Year Old Birthday 2009

Posted by icyelite on March 1, 2009

I just got back from Myle’s One year old birthday celebration. Who is Myle? He’s my colleauge’s son. He has big rounded eyes and a chubby cheeks that makes me feels like pinching it.

He’s a very handsome boy today but he cried twice today. He cried when he sees alot of unknown people and he cried again when he heard the loud party popper sound. Though he cried, he still looks very cute.

Beep Beep!

Look at what my colleagues and myself had bought for him. Looks cool hur? His dad actually requested for this. Initially, we wanted to buy a motor toy car that his dad can control where he is going but this motor toy car is too expensive, out of our budget. Sorry myle, couldn’t get you such a stylish car, we wanted to buy the engine for you first and the car body next year, but your dad disagrees. Lol.

Mice Cheese Cake Mouse and a cherry on cheese cake

I’m sure Myle had enjoyed his birthday celebration, his parents had organized for him. Guess what? He had a big cheezy cake with lots of little mice on top of the cake from Jakarta. Woot! Plus a photographer to take all the pictures and his grannies making delicious foods.

His grand-aunt makes nice and beautiful kueh lapis which we seldom see in Singapore. How I wish I can learn how to do this too.

Home made Kueh Lapis

His parents really took alot of effort organizing this party. They invited alot of friends and coincidentally all had a baby with them. After singing birthday song, they made all the babies sitting together and took a picture. There are bigger kids too, running around, snatching for balloons. At the end, all kids and babies got a big bag of goodies bag home. For gal, they get a pink-cloth goodies bag while guys get a blue-cloth goodies bag. For us adults, we actually had those additional small blue bags of goodies. Lol, it contains a pencil, pencil holder and lots of sweets and chocolates from Australia.

Till now, can you imagine how grand Myle’s birthday is? His parents really spent alot. Wondering will I do the same for my own child in future?


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