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Back from Hong Kong

Posted by icyelite on December 23, 2008

I just came back from Hong Kong. Tried their vegetarian food from a restaurant. Sadly to say, this is the one and only restaurant that I had tried due to time constraint otherwise, we could have more time trying other restaurants too and more of their local foods. =)

As I’m very busy with work recently, I will try to spend sometimes blogging about my Hong Kong Trip. Stayed tuned for more exciting posts.


4 Responses to “Back from Hong Kong”

  1. ah cai said

    hey ah ping~ didnt know you went HK arh…hope you had a nice trip though it was short.
    I really long time never visited your site, now you blog abt yourself! hahhha

    shall catch up one day when you are free la ^_^

  2. icyelite said

    ah cai, den i bet that you didnt realized what date I had went to HK. Hahaha.. it has been a super super long time since I last updated my blog. You must hv tot that i juz came back. whhahaha

  3. ah cai said

    No lah i know that’s in 2008 but just surprised to see that you started writing abt yourself ma.. 🙂 how are you doing arh??
    when you free? think we shld catch up one of these days..

  4. Pam said

    Congrats on the foodie blogroll!


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