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Vegetarian Wedding Dinner @ Orchid Country Club

Posted by icyelite on November 16, 2008

I had attended another wedding dinner this year. Why are so many people getting married now? Just this year, I guess I will be attending 4 weddings. Omg, gonna have a big hole in my pocket.

This time, I attended the wedding dinner in replace of my dad, he is busy so my mum got me to join her for the dinner. Oh well, orchid country club is super far from my home, luckily my mum’s friend who is attending the dinner too is driving there. So we managed to hitch a free ride.

Country club, so certain standards need to be in place. It looks grand, big and beautiful. The cost of booking the ballroom must be very expensive too, hopefully I’m not too casually dressed.

Since my mum’s friend is also a vegetarian, the family had all their food vegetarian-ed. It means its a full vegetarian wedding, unlike my friends’ wedding, usually I’m the odd one out at my table. This time, everybody is having the same dishes, all vegetarian.

My impression of this wedding dinner:

Everyone is not super well-dressed except for relatives and some close friends. The rest were wearing presentably.

During the dinner, the bride is a pre-school teacher, so she had arranged a variety of events for the guests. At the start, she had her students perform for us by dancing. 2 dances, one of the songs is Barbie. The kids are well prepared, they had their props like sunglasses, scarfs for actions. I’m amazed, this is my first time seeing someone asking their students to perform at a wedding dinner. Won’t their parents mind? They are only 5 years old kids.

From the start of the wedding, there’s always background music which catches my attention. First half of the wedding is english songs and second half is chinese duet songs. I think it would be better if they can mix the english and chinese songs together. While they are playing the english songs, I keep trying to figure out what’s the title of the song so that I can get the songs from my friends.

The songs that they had played:

  • English
    • From this moment – 1st march in
    • I finally found someone
    • I knew I love you before I meet you
    • Take my breath away
    • I just call to say I love you
    • Right here waiting
    • etc
  • Chinese
    • 屋顶
    • 男人女人
    • 恋爱频率
    • 你最珍贵
    • 今天你要嫁给我 – their 2nd march in. This is a hot popular song for weddings now
    • etc

I can only remember some of the songs. There are more to this list of songs.

During their second march-in, they are like president surveying the grounds of army. The couples came in a mini lorry that the president used when inspecting the army. The mini lorry is similar to those use in the country club or rather golf club that can transport people from one place to another, not sure what is the correct name though.

In the midst of the second half of the dinner, the couples still had their MC to throw questions to the the guests. Questions like what song is used for the children dance just now, which kindergarten is the bride from? What are the chinese names of the newly wed? Etc.. This is interesting, getting your guests to know more about you. Oh yah, you need to have a pair of very active and enthusiatic MC to make the event more lively.

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