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Pocky on the way~

Posted by icyelite on November 2, 2008

These are the new flavors of Pocky. I was first introduced to the strawberry by andy. In fact, its a free packet from schoolmates of NUS who were presenting on pocky business.

Instead of smooth stick of strawberry, it was glazed with tiny pieces of strawberry. This enhances the taste of the pocky. Makes me loves it more.

Strawberry Flavor

One of the new flavor is strawberry. It is more expensive than the usual pocky you used to eat last time. If you look carefully at the box, it has a rough surface that looks just like the pocky stick itself, a rough surface glazed with strawberry tiny pieces.

Can you see the rough surface of the box? Blueberry Flavor

Another new flavor is Blueberry. Same as the strawberry, it is glazed with tiny pieces of blueberry.

5 sticks in a packet

In the big box, there are 4 packets, with 5 sticks each. I prefer this way of packaging, good for those who can’t finish a whole packet at a time and for preventing kids finishing one packet in a day. With this packaging, you can finish the whole box separately in different days.

If you watch the news recently, “Dozens of Chinese-made food products have been found to contain melamine, killing four babies and sickening more than 50,000 in mainland China.“. These are mainly foods containing milk products. It causes everyone to reduce the intake of milk, biscuits, chocolates, anything that contains milk. Everyone becomes precautions where the milk content comes from, if it is from china, everyone will not buy/eat. Even small quantities of melamine was found, everyone will boycott the food now.

In Hong Kong, small quantities of melamine was found in “Pocky Men’s coffee cream coated biscuit stick, read from here. ” This news scares me, I hope melamine is not found in my new flavor of pocky.

P.S.: One more new flavor of pocky is out now, the orange flavor pocky. So does it means pocky is safe to eat?


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