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McCafe – Mochaholic Frappe

Posted by icyelite on October 29, 2008

I went to McCafe at suntec again with Andy. As usual, we go there to “study” together. Since its still before 30 October, I ordered from McCafe for 50 cents off the drink. Looking at the menu, not much variety to choose from, so I decided to try the usual Mocha that Starbucks and Coffeebean sells.

Mochaholic Frappe

Other than the usual Mocha, I saw a longer name with chocolate chips glazed on the whipped cream, Mochaholic Frappe. For frappe in McCafe, they only have one size, no large, medium or small for you to choose. The name “Mochaholic Frappe” sounds just like its a drink with lots of mocha powder.

The McCafe at suntec seems like only have 1 or 2 staffs at the counter, so usually I will have to wait for sometimes before I can get my drink. ** They are quite slow in their service. **

My comments for the drink: If I can choose, I don’t think I will go for the drink again or choose McCafe for coffee. Well, the coffee taste may not be as strong as Starbucks or Coffeebean. Im fine with it since it is cheaper at McCafe. What really matters to me is the hotness and coldness of the drink, the hot drink is not hot, cold drink is not cold enough. Hmm sounds like bad comments from me.

If not for the comfy seat that Suntec Macdonalds has, I doubt I will go there again. Oh yah, sometimes the aircon there doesn’t seems to be working. Quite stuffy at times or maybe there are too many people in suntec?

The only thing that I like about McCafe is the pictures on their cups. No matter it is hot drink or cold drink, they will have small logos like Cup + Bean = Coffee.

These are the pictures I took from my Mochaholic drink. Isn’t it nice and meaningful?

Cool + To Go = ?

What is the answer?? Make a guess. Click here for answer. =)


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