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Commencement 2008

Posted by icyelite on July 15, 2008

Today is another big day in my life. Attending the session with my family and of cos, with Andy too. Mine is in the afternoon session, 3pm. So I reach school at 2+ because the princess at my home needs to finish her milk. Lol.

When I reached school, I arrived with surprise. Looking for andy among the crowds and I saw a guy holding a bouquet of lilies waiting for me. A smile and surprise immediately tagged on my face.  I still can remember the scenario that day. White lilies is my favorite flower, to me, it means purity, sincerity and it can make magical music in my heart that sounds like a trumpet.

Bouquet of white lilies

Following on, I put on my graduation gown in the graduate robing theatre. I thought there was someone who will be there to help me put on my graduation gown. Who knows, it is just a big room for you to wear your graduation gown with alot of mirrors around.

After putting on the graduation gown, its time for photo taking session. Taking photos with family and friends is a must. But Im unlike one of my friends who go around taking photos in her gown everywhere, everytime occupying nice scenery that others do not have much chance. Everywhere I go, I saw her taking pictures. Is she too enthusiastic or am I not enthusiastic at all? Or maybe my close friends are all graduating next year instead of this year.

Time for entrance to the theatre. I am sitting at Row S, Seat 12. Sitting inside, looking at the people sitting beside me, they are people I knew during my school days. More of a hi-bye friend but that day it just seems like my conversation with them is longer as compared to the total length of time I talked to them in school. I am glad I attained a merit for my bachelor. This is one of my greatest achievement in school. Starting from a CAP 2 until a merit for my bachelor. *A pat on the shoulder for myself*

The ceremony started without an opening speech from the Dean or special guests. The moment the board of directors are seated, they started calling names on the stage. I waited for about 40 minutes before it is my turn to get prepared to stand on the stage. The footsteps to the stage is quite heavy, as my heart starts to beat faster. I keep telling myself to shake head and most important thing is to face the camera and smile. Lol. Otherwise, the $12 I paid for the stage photographs are gone case.

Standing at the little red cross pasted on the floor, my name is announced by Prof Khoo. I made my steps towards the Dean, shake hand, holding onto the scroll and smiled at the camera. Phew, the moment the scroll is collected and smiling at the camera, it seems like a big heavy stone has been put down. Looking at my certification, I feel proud of myself.

After the ceremony, it is another session of photo taking with my family and friends. Andy has not graduated yet but like me, he is taking photos with lots of friends too. Now I am looking forward to the day he wear graduation gown, looking at him collecting the scroll.

Credits to Andy:

  • Giving me a surprise with a bouquet of flowers
  • Helping me to look after my princess and was mistaken by alot of people as his daughter
  • Being my personal photographer on that day
  • Celebration dinner


One Response to “Commencement 2008”

  1. Andy said

    Glad you enjoyed it. 😀

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