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2 more days to commencement

Posted by icyelite on July 13, 2008

2 more days to my commencement. Mixed feelings. Sometimes feels abit excited about going to take picture with my family and friends, sometimes feel abit ___ (cant think of a good word to describe my feelings now). I hope that day everybody will enjoy.

On the day I collected my graduation gown, I had spent alot just in school. I bought the graduation gown, stage photo, plaque and a lion which is my favorite. In addition to these, I had paid deposit for taking family photo with my family. Lucky, Andy went with me, else I couldn’t decide for alot of things.

The first stop is to make payment for the graduation gown that I had previously ordered online. My set of graduation gown costs $52.40. This is cheap as compared to other schools, especially overseas universities.

My school official stage photographer is Werkz. They are asking people to buy the stage photos at different designs, with CD and without CD. The designs of the stage photos are with the school logo and without the school logo. So I bought the photos without school logo and with a CD. Lol, so that I can edit the photo myself, damage is $12.

I bought the plaque from House of Poroseal and it costs me $108. In addition to the plaque, they are selling a small photo album for 4R size photo @ $40 promotion rate. The design looks quite nice so I just grabbed it for displaying at my home.

Group of Lions Plush Toys

The school is selling Lion plush toys specially to attract the girls. Oh well, indeed, it caught my attention. The lion is wearing the same graduation gown and hood as me. Haha. I’m loving it. When I’m going to take my single portrait, I will bring it along. The damage for this lion is $39.90.

Are you able to calculate how much I had spent just to get myself prepared for the big day?  All I can see is a BIG hole in my pocket. 😀


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