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Rich & Good Cake Shop – Part 4 (The Swiss Rolls)

Posted by icyelite on July 9, 2008

If you have read Rich & Good Cake Shop – Part 1 (Introduction), you should know that I had quite a good impression of the swiss rolls from the shop. This is the reason why I am personally traveling down to the shop and personally try the different flavors of their swiss rolls. I would like to know whether the swiss rolls are really recommendable.

The shop sells the swiss roll in an uncut roll, however, if you have a special request, they can cut it into half for you and placed it in a smaller box. Each uncut roll is about 30cm and it fits nicely in the box, which is in peach/pink color.

Mixture of different flavors swiss rolls

I would recommend that you eat the swiss roll immediately when you just take it out from the fridge. The taste will feels more refreshing. Eat it slowly and enjoy the taste and smell of the swiss roll, thinking of how this swiss roll is baked. The number of pieces intake will be higher too. You won’t feel sick of it. However, if you leave it outside for sometimes, the swiss roll may taste “jelat” (the feeling of eating too much makes you feel abit sick of it) if you eat one or two pieces. Not sure if it is me only, no offense to the Rich & Good Cake Shop, it is only my own opinion.

Flavors that I had tried before:

Below are comments or opinions on the flavors that I had tried before. For your info, while noting down the comments, I had actually tried the most centre piece of the swiss roll and at its freshest period of time.

You can taste that the cake of the swiss roll has the flavor and smell of each flavors. It is very soft that when I was cutting the swiss roll, I dare not apply too much pressure on the swiss roll, otherwise, I will leave a mark on the cake.

Blueberry Swiss Roll

Blueberry – spread with blueberry jam. The blueberry swiss roll that I got that day is not rolled tightly and if you do not take the swiss roll properly, it will become a long piece with blueberry jam all over. The jam is quite sticky and it may overflow out abit if you press hard on the swiss roll. So beware when you are eating blueberry swiss roll, not to get your clothes dirty. Do take note that the blueberry swiss roll is brown in color too, so don’t mistake it for coffee-flavored swiss roll.

Coffee Swiss Roll

Coffee – spread inside the swiss roll seems to be coffee-flavored fresh cream. When you open up the swiss roll to cut, you will smell a strong coffee aroma. However, when you eat it, it doesn’t taste as nice as you expect. Consecutively eating a few pieces of the coffee-flavored swiss roll, the coffee smell still lingers in my mouth.

Durian Swiss Roll

Durian – Just when you are about to put inside the swiss roll inside your mouth, you can smell the durian. Putting the durian swiss roll inside your mouth, oh my goodness, I can feel the durian paste touching my tongue. Yummy, its so delicious. A must try if you are a durian lover.

Kaya Swiss Roll

Kaya – spread with kaya paste. Eat it while the kaya paste inside is still cold, you will feel the kaya swiss roll is nice.

Mango Swiss Roll

Mango – spread with fresh cream and mango pulp in between. When I just took the mango swiss roll out, I can feel the mango pulp hasn’t thaw yet.

Strawberry Swiss Roll

Strawberry – spread inside is a combination of fresh cream and strawberry puree. In fact, it tasted like eating strawberry cake spread with strawberry jam. In my opinion, the strawberry swiss roll tastes very sweet that I can only eat one piece of it.

How long can you keep the swiss roll? I had posted this question to the owner of the shop. She mentions that if you keep it in freezer, it can last you for 1 or 2 months. There are even caterers that order from them and keep the swiss rolls in the freezer for 6 months before they served it to their customers. 6 months, doesn’t this sounds too long?

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