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Rich & Good Cake Shop – Part 3 (The shop)

Posted by icyelite on July 9, 2008

From the outside of the shop, it gives me a feel of an old shop that you can find in the eighties. The shop is painted with blue and pink. Standing outside, it gives me a feeling that there is an experienced old man further inside the shop baking the swiss rolls.

Rich & Good Cake Shop seems to have a small balcony before the main entrance into the shop. When I was there, I saw a malay uncle folding the boxes for the swiss rolls, seems like he could be an employer of the shop. Without further delay, I stepped into the shop and I was welcomed by a friendly lady. She should be the lady boss, Lily Liu, which I believes she is in her sixties now. It is the first time to the shop, so I was quite lost about how should I go about buying or ordering my swiss rolls. She approached me and ask what swiss rolls I want and I can buy any flavors that I want that is available in the fridge.

The interior of the shop isn’t nicely decorated like any other bakery shops (Bread Talk, QBread, Bread History) to attract the customers. Inside the shop, there isn’t nice racks or shelves displaying the cakes or swiss rolls that is freshly baked. This shows that Rich & Good Cake Shop It is just a shelf putting their own things, which I believe in normal days, they use it to put other pastries that does not needs to be in the fridge.

In front of it is a movable rack that is even taller than me. It is filled with all swiss rolls in all different types of flavors. The swiss rolls seems to be freshly baked, leaving it at the cooling rack in an unroll form.

Besides the freshly baked swiss rolls placed in the rack, there is also freshly baked swiss rolls in the fridge waiting for customers to buy it on the spot, just like people like me. The swiss rolls are all put inside the box. There are tags placed inside the fridge indicating the flavor of the swiss roll and the price per box.

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