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Instant Mango Pudding

Posted by icyelite on July 9, 2008

Mango Pudding

What is the easiest way of making mango pudding? The answer is either you buy it from supermarket or you make it yourself. Since I am someone who likes to make desserts, definitely I would choose to make it myself.

This time, instead of starting from scratch, I bought an instant mango pudding pack from NTUC. For vegetarians, do take note of the ingredients inside the instant mango pudding pack. Sometimes it contains gelatin which we can’t eat. Whenever it comes to dessert making, gelatin is a very useful ingredient for solidfying the dessert. Too bad, we can’t eat gelatin so the other way is to find replacement for it.

The brand of the mango pudding that I had bought is from HollyFarms. On the box, it provides the instructions for making the mango pudding. With instant powder pack, it isn’t difficult making it. Nowadays, people are always busy and they don’t like to start from scratch, so the manufacturers are very clever, they come up with alot of instant and ready-made food that you can just heat it up or mix with warm water. The way to cook it is just like cooking instant cup noodles.

HollyFarms Mango Dessert

HollyFarms mango dessert is a product of singapore. Manufactured by Sing Long Foodstuff Trading Co. Pte Ltd. Each packet weighs about 120 grams. For your info, one packet of HollyFarms mango dessert only allows me to make 4 cups of pudding. So if you want to make more and depending on your pudding cup size, you may need to buy more packets.

Ingredients in the instant mango pudding:

Sugar, Non-fat dry milk, Mango flavour, Natural vegetable gum, Permitted food flavouring, Color E110

Equipment needed to cook mango pudding:

  • Pot – to cook your mango pudding
  • Stirrer – to stir your mango pudding while cooking
  • Measuring cup – to measure the amount of water required to cook the mango pudding
  • Big tin / Jelly cup – to serve it to your guests
Pudding cup / mould

Directions for cooking instant mango pudding written on the box


  1. Put Hollyfarms dessert into boiling water (2 cup or 500ml), continue to boil and stir constantly until dessert dissolve.
  2. Pour into mould and allow to cool, dessert will set in 30 minutes with refrigeration.
  3. Remove dessert from mould & serve with fruit cocktail.


  • You can serve the mango pudding in the a nice jelly cup/mould.
  • To make it looks more appetizing, cut cherries into half and put it on top of the pudding before you serve it.
  • To make it more tasty, add diced mangoes inside the pudding or add in nata de coco.

2 Responses to “Instant Mango Pudding”

  1. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up and the
    rest of the site is very good.

  2. iill try dis! thanks for info

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