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Rich & Good Cake Shop – Part 2 (How to go there?)

Posted by icyelite on July 6, 2008

Today, I finally made a decision to visit the shop personally. Before going down, I keep hoping that I still have the best flavors of all. The flavor that I wanted to try most is Durian. Yummy yummy, it should be very delicious.

Before I go to the shop, I had been searching for maps, reading maps and look at the various number of bus service that goes there, search until I almost fainted. Finally, I decided to walk there from Bugis MRT station. It seems like it is going to be very far, but it seems near too, within walking distance. I guess it all depends on whether you are willing to walk. That’s because even if you took a bus ride which is 3 or 4 stops away from Bugis Junction, you still need to walk inside, which is another distance of walking. Doesn’t it seems tiring? Lol.

Oh well, I made a trip down to the Rich & Good Cake Shop. It wasn’t that difficult to find because I had been following the map closely and walked towards the Kandahar street. It is located along the street of Malay Heritage Centre, the shop is at the opposite lane of the Malay Heritage Centre.

How to go to Rich & Good Cake Shop:

  • By MRT:
    • Alight at Bugis MRT Station and walk a certain distance.
      • Once you exit the MRT station, you will pass by the Raffles Hospital.
      • Continue walking towards the Golden Landmark building.
      • When you reach the golden landmark building, cut across by walking inside the building.
      • When you come out, you will see that diagonally is the Masjid Sultan Mosque.
      • Walk towards the Masjid Sultan Mosque.
      • After crossing the traffic light, with you facing the Masjid Sultan Mosque, turn left and walk downwards.
      • You will pass by Gate 7 and Gate 8 of the Masjid Sultan Mosque.
      • Continue walking straight until you see a lane that you can turn right into.
      • Once you see the lane to turn into, walk down the lane.
      • Continue walking downwards and you will be able to see the Rich & Good Cake Shop. (Remember to look up ahead while walking else you might miss the shop when finding)
    • Alight at Lavender MRT Station and walk a certain distance
      • Once you exit the MRT station, you will see SIR (the immigration building).
      • Walk towards the shop houses direction, before that you will cross a bridge over the canal.
      • After crossing bridge, you will be able to see the shop houses and continue walking down till you see a traffic light.
      • Facing the traffic light, turn right and walk downwards the street.
      • Coming to a junction, the direction that you need to walk towards to is diagonally opposite you.
      • In fact, you will have to continuously walk down the street until you see a shop by the name of “House of Bryani”, then you turn into the small lane.
      • Walk down the small lane and you will be able to see the Malay Heritage Centre and abit further down, you will be able to find Rich & Good Cake Shop along the shop houses.
  • By Bus: you can take bus number 100 or 107 opposite Shaw Towers. Travel for 3 stops and you will reach The ParkRoyal Hotel. From there you need to walk into the small streets. In fact, there should be alot of buses going to Beach road or Arab street, but you may have to find it out yourself because I did not try this method before.
  • By Taxi: tell the uncle that you wants to go to 24 Kandahar Street, if the uncle is unsure, tell him Malay Heritage Centre or Kampong Glam, he should roughly know the way. The shop is just opposite the Malay Heritage Centre.

After a long description of how to get there, you should be able to find you way there. I hope this helps people who would like to go to the shop. As it wasn’t easy to find if you do not know Bugis and Lavender area well.

Continue reading Rich & Good Cake Shop – Part 3 (The Shop).


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