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Vegetarian Hamburger

Posted by icyelite on July 2, 2008

Hamburger, a food that I always envy people having get to eat a hamburger outside anytime, anywhere they want. For me, I will need to go special food stall that sells vegetarian food and stalls that sells hamburger. It is not every stalls that sells western food like hamburger. In addition, at times, even though the stall got sell, they may only sell it at a specific period of the day or particular day of the week.

Doesn’t it seems troublesome as described in the first paragraph? Haha, that’s why I had thought of a better idea. Wouldn’t it be nice if I can prepare it myself? DIY, you can add any ingredients, more vegetables, more chili, and more and more of anything I want. In fact, preparing a vegetarian hamburger is very easy and cheaper than what is selling outside.

The “meat” of the hamburger can simply be vegetarian ham or vegetarian bacon. Or more expensive mock meat made of mushroom, or any vegetarian chicken/fish/beef that is used for western food like vegetarian chicken/fish chop.

The bread of the hamburger, you can choose to use burger bread or normal bread (to further save costs). In addition, you can choose whether you want burger bread with sesame seeds or without. Do note that if you bought a burger with sesame seeds, do be careful the sesame seeds may drop all over while you are packing or eating.

The choice of vegetables. Usually, burgers will go along with lettuce or another vegetable similar to lettuce is butterhead. In addition to the lettuce, add cucumbers or sukini (Japanese cucumber) in the hamburger. You can find all these vegetables in the supermarket.

The choice of sauce. A simple sauce will be chili sauce or ketchup sauce. Some other sauce will be mayonnaise sauce, it all depends on your liking.

Recipe of vegetarian hamburger


Hamburger bread
Vegetarian mock meat
Cucumber/ Sukini


  1. Pan-fried the vegetarian mock meat.
  2. Pluck and wash the lettuce.
  3. Slice the cucumber into pieces.
  4. Slice open 3/4 of the hamburger bread.
  5. Spread margarine onto to both sides of the bread.
  6. Slowly put in the vegetarian mock meat, lettuce and cucumber.

Finishing: Lastly, put the hamburger on the plate and serve with chili/ketchup/mayonnaise sauce.

Doesn’t it seems easy? It will be more economical if you do a few more for yourself, your family and your friends.


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