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DJ Bakery

Posted by icyelite on June 30, 2008

DJ Bakery, is selling swiss rolls too, similar to Rich & Good Cake Shop. However, the quality may lose out abit to Rich & Good Cake Shop. Its may seems to be a simpler, cheaper and not as reputable as Rich & Good Cake Shop.

Seems like the first paragraph keep saying that Rich & Good Cake Shop is better than DJ Bakery. However, in my opinion, both shops have their pros and cons. DJ Bakery has their pros in locating in several locations of singapore and it is a cheaper version of what Rich & Good Cake Shop is selling. DJ Bakery are located at strategic neighbouring areas as follows (there maybe slight errors when typing the add/tel/fax):

  • Head Office/ Factory
    • Blk 7 Hougang Ave 3 #01-56 Singapore 530007
      Tel: 64875735   Fax: 64875271
  • Branch
    • Blk 827 Tampines St 81 #01-1134 Singapore 520827
      Tel/Fax: 67872855
    • Blk 201D Tampines St 21 #01-1145 Singapore 524201
      Tel/Fax: 67868355
    • Blk 213 Bedok North St 1 $01-117 Singapore 460213
      Tel/Fax: 64491385
    • Blk 266 Serangoon Ctr Drive #01-253 Singapore 550266
      Tel/Fax: 62882245
    • Blk 204 Hougang St 21 #01-123 Singapore 530204
      Tel/Fax: 62843860
    • Blk 183 Toa Payoh Centre #01-252 Singapore 310183
      Tel/Fax: 62505589
    • Blk 8 Hougang Ave 3 #01-22
      Tel/Fax: 63430098
    • Blk 531 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-2441
      Tel/Fax: 65532802
  • May Heng Confectionery Trading
    • Blk 743 Yishun Ave 5 #01-535 Singapore 760743. Tel/Fax: 67532975

Flavors that I had eaten so far, there are more flavors available:

  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Kaya
  • Mango
  • Yam
Take a look at the swiss rolls from DJ Bakery, they provide alot of flavors too. My favorites are coffee and chocolate.

If I had a better camera, you will be able to see that the texture of the swiss roll is similar to that of the Rich & Good Cake Shop. Similar small holes/pores can be found. Smooth texture.


17 Responses to “DJ Bakery”

  1. Samantha said

    I once bought some swiss roll from them. It tursn mouldy next day. The quality and flavor is not really fantastic as the flour and sugar they import from Malaysia. They put them in chiller sometime for quite a while from what I know. I bought only from them twice and stop.

    • icyelite said

      I bought from them few times, but all seems good. No complaints so far, just that compare the taste, I would still prefer Rich & good swiss rolls.

  2. james said

    Hi to person in charge,
    I am one of ur customer that buy bread regulary from ur shop at hougang kovan centre.
    But today i brought 3 bread that stated at the tag $1.20, but where charge $3.90 instead of
    $3.60 buy ur cashier.
    I ask her how come there is a different of $0.30. She reply me very rudly that price already
    up since on the 1st of feb. Because the price tag not ready yet. I am curious how come ur company did not used a marker to write down the price. And yesterday {not only yesterday} am still paying only $1.20. May i know why…………….
    Last of all, the service of ur staff ???????????????????

  3. nazreena said

    next time stall vendors kindly put a notice in your shop if thre is a increase in the bakeries shop or pkease tell them trough pamplets

  4. corvyday said

    this store practices ANIMAL CRUELTY. Please do not buy. See link for details


  5. Mrs Wong said

    I bought a chocolate swiss roll from Tampines ST 81 Blk 827, The auntie(big size & shit face) at the cashier was so rude. She have been working there for a long time coz I’m a regular cutomer. Before I made payment I asked whether they help to cut it into pieces, but she answer me “I already scotchtape the packet then you said. Shit face with shit attitude. To be honest, I dont like to do this.However, Please mend their attitude.

  6. David tan said

    Very poor service. Rude staff who can’t care less when talking to you. No local staff who speaks with accent and extremely rude.

  7. Mary Anne said

    Do not buy. They don’t treat their customers with courtesy and respect. They speak to you rudely and loudly. Give your support to a shop that values your business. It is not FREE!!!

  8. Nanyang said

    Bought at the Geylang East branch yesterday. The bread and pastries smell great. The staff are young women who are more interested in talking among themselves. A Malay woman held up a small French loaf with her bare hand and asked them if they could cut it for her. They did not reply her but talked in Mandarin among themselves. I was worried that the woman might want to put back the bread if their answer was ‘no’. If so, I would definitely raise a ruckus. Fortunately, they took the bread from her hand.

    I was about to lay down my tray to pay for my pieces of buns after the woman stood aside and the 2 counter staff looked at me. The moment I put the tray on the counter, the woman pushed me aside before glaring at me. Then she paid for 90 cents French loaf.

    Who is/are at fault?

  9. Anonymous said

    There was one night around 9plus, I went to Blk 827 Tampines to grab some buns for my kids. After I make payment, they throw all the buns into the black bag !! How I feel ?

  10. Yaya said

    I went to bedok central to buy white bread it cost $1.70. In aljunied branch white bread it cost $2.20. I ask ur staff girl why so munch differents. She reply different location. Same co. why different price.

  11. Anonymous said

    DJ had been in Singapore for for quite some time.
    i still find that they are too generous with the sugar add in any of the bread. the worst is kaya, sweet potatoes, bun bread.
    i believe they would reply” so far no complain from any others”. i do hope DJ can save up some ‘sweetness’
    to their staff instead adding into the breads.
    Meaning the staff , as some may be part time, China girls etc. Most of them are so snobbish and unfriendly regardless which outlet i had visited.Shops especially at Tampines street 83 (2shops) , Kovan, ,Bedok etc.
    I do hopte DJ could improve For health sake and regular customers relation.

  12. sl said

    Bot their slice cake from amk outlet yesterday , one word “suck” duno they keep for how many days liao no fresh at all their cream become v hard , it’s no the first time they sell no fresh item before that buy their bar cake also . How can they sell no fresh thing while we are paying full price of the item !!!!

  13. […] Address: Full list of outlets here | Tel: 62843860 | Opening hours: 6.30am – 9.30pm […]

  14. Anonymous said

    swiss roll is good esp bedok branch

  15. Mr Wong said

    Please note that the buns in your Bukit Panjang Outlet (Bangkit Road) attract a lot of houseflies as the stall is situated near to a rubbish dump next to it. The sellers don’t seem to be bothered by the insects around the buns.

  16. Iwan said

    I bought cheese bread with 6 pieces inside plastic packaging at Tampines st 81 blk 827.The bread I ate was too soggy like yesterday bread which not freshly bake. Hope that Dj Roti maintained the quality bread.

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