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Primary School Friends

Posted by icyelite on June 15, 2008

Met up with my primary school friends today. It has been quite a long time since I last met them, which is about 6 months? Haha, some people must be thinking, they either did not keep in contact with their primary school friends or the last time they met their primary school friends is when they get their PSLE results in school. Lol.

I was rather fortunate, because my primary school friends made the effort to keep in touch too. Although, all of us may have different interests or do not work in the same industry but occasionally, we still meet up for a cup of coffee and update one another of own’s happenings. Everytime we meet up, there were always alot of updates for one another. We would spent few hours chatting that starts from afternoon till evening or night time.

This time we meet up with a reason. We actually had an unexpected, surprised primary school friend that suddenly contacts us. The gals have a weird feeling towards this guy, because when we were in primary school, we seldom talks to this friend of ours. Maybe he was just being friendly and sociable but to me, I’m afraid he could be doing some sideline which I always tends to avoid. In fact, we don’t remember him at all, until we saw the picture of him. When we were talking about this friend of ours, we feel so sensitive that we saw a waiter’s name has the same name as our primary school friend that we were talking about. Haha, guess it is just a coincidence.

Well, today had a nice meeting with them. Looking forward to the next meeting again. 🙂


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