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Posted by icyelite on June 15, 2008

I went to N.Y.D.C today with my friends. For vegetarians, beware of the vegetarians food there if you cannot take onions, garlic and alcohols. Their menu is quite well-informed, N.Y.D.C wrote down the ingredients you can find in the dishes/drinks/salads and cakes. So take a look at the ingredients first before you order. In the menu, they indicated whether there is liqour inside the food and whether it is a chef recommendation. This indications make the customers easier to decide on what foods or drinks to order.

Take a look at what we have ordered:

Potato Salad
Iced Hazelnut Elephanccinco Cookie Monster Mudpie

Do take note:

  • The food that I had posted are not necessary vegetarian. For instance, the potato salad contains onions in the mixture.
  • Iced Hazelnut Elephanccinco is a super big mug of drink. So if you do not drink so much, I would advise you to share it with your friend. If you are like me and my friends who often spent few hours in the cafe, this will be good and last you for few hours.
  • For the cookie monster mudpie, I advised that you share with your friend too because it will makes you feel sick of it if you eat too much. Oh yah, the mudpie is icy cold, best for a hot day. Another point, ladies do watch out when you eat this cookie monster mudpie, because the chocolates or oreo may stuck in between your teeths.

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