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Wedding Dinner @ Park Hotel

Posted by icyelite on June 10, 2008

Yesterday, I attended my ex-colleague wedding dinner at Park Hotel. She is kind enough to prepare a vegetarian 8 dishes course meal for me and arrange for me to sit beside another ex-colleague of mine.

It has been quite sometimes since I last saw her. Wooh, a bride is indeed a bride, you will always be the prettiest that day/night. She looks so beautiful that I almost couldn’t recognize her. Well, during the dinner, there was some technical faults occurring and the photo session taking was taking too long that the couple missed taking pictures with some tables and sending their guests off. Coming to the end of the dinner, the mango pudding took quite sometimes to serve and some of the guests had left before eating it. In addition, the stage in front was quite low that short people like me sitting right at the end of the hall can’t really see the screen nor see the couple clearly. These teaches the new couples a lesson, next time don’t arrange your dinner on a sunday night where everybody has to work the next morning. Best to have it on Saturday if you can. Furthermore, make sure the hotel has checked through all the technical systems, no errors should occur. Another issue is to make sure that everybody gets a good view of the couple and any screens if there is. To make the best of the night, it will be good if you have a big group of close friends/relatives who are hyperactive in making the dinner a happening night. Otherwise, you will feel like its quite boring.

I am sitting at a big table that is meant for 11 people, but that night it happens that only 9 people occupied the table including me, so I had quite a spacious seat. The rest of the 8 people at my table were sharing a big plate of food like other tables.

Mine was a special course of meal as compared to others. Mine was specially served with a plate of food though at times they may forget me. The food is prepared by the hotel instead of a real vegetarian restaurant. I am pleased with my food but my ex-colleague says that his doesn’t taste as good. In fact, at the end of the 8 dishes, I felt quite ‘jelat’. Since the start, I had been eating those mock meats. Chewing and chewing non-stop, if there are more vegetables, it would be even nicer. However, the only vegetable that I had for the whole night is broccoli, which seems to be overcooked. All I was wondering is how did they make the sauce for each dish? They all taste different and quite nice. If I had a chance, see who can teach me. Lol.

My friend, the bride last night, if you ever see this post, bear in mind, I’m not complaining but just a feedback on the food since its prepared by the hotel. I really appreciate for the special arrangement for me. Sorry all other pals, I will always be the troublesome ones if you, who is reading the blog now wants to invite me to your wedding next time.

1st dish: Cold Plate
2nd dish: Vegetarian Shark Fin
3rd dish: Vegetarian Chicken
4th dish: Vegetarian Prawn with a sweet green color sauce
5th dish: Broccoli + Vegetarian Fish
6th dish: Sweet and Sour Vegetarian Fish
7th dish: Noodles – I did not eat this dish because they added spring onions in it
8th dish: Mango pudding

Cold Plate Vegetarian Shark Fin
Vegetarian Chicken Vegetarian Prawn
Broccoli and fish Sweet and Sour Vegetarian Fish

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