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Royce Pure Chocolate

Posted by icyelite on June 3, 2008

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Doesn’t this chocolate looks nice? I got it from one of my friends. It is not too sweet, and it just nice helps me to withhold my hunger that day.

As seen from the packaging, its called Royce Pure Chocolate. Royce is one of the famous brand that everyone would buy during christmas for their loved ones. It is not as expensive as Godiva. Royce usually sells their chocolates in a box. Say 12 or more pieces of chocolates in a box, that is nicely packaged. You do not need to wrap the box with extra wrapping papers, it’s presentable enough for you to give it to your friends.

However, for my veggie friends, please do take note of the ingredients for the chocolates, see whether we can eat. Especially those chocolates with rum and raisin, it has alcohol content. If you are not sure, what chocolates can we from Royce, buy this pure chocolate, its given to me by one of my friends who is a vegetarian too.

Up to now, I only know you can find Royce at Suntec Level 1 opposite Carrefour and the other one is at Takashimaya Basement 1. If I ever pass by one of these places, maybe I will keep a lookout for this pure chocolate. 🙂


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